8 Months to go…….

L:  Well.  It has been an interesting day.  I have done a bit of running around, more in my brain than anywhere else, however….LOL.  I have so many lists that I am working on, shopping, accounts, space etc.

I came outside to see Steve making a “groot gat” (big hole for English) in the canopy of the bakkie.  That was a bit worrying, but he is plodding along.  He has now fitted a “thingey” that looks like a petrol cap (yacht deck-filler) – hope no garage guy fills it with diesel – for our water supply to be put in to fill the 70-litre tank which then goes through a series of filter housings  (thanks to Adam, one of my brothers’-in-law) to purify our drinking-water whenever we need to top up the supply.  Obviously some of the countries have dodgy water supplies, so rather safe than sorry.  Our next step is to buy the correct filters.  We also want to buy an Ultra-Violet light to fit onto the filters to kill any viruses.

Also, I have now completed 4 of my little crocheted baby blankets.  This is an outreach project that we are doing on this trip, as well as all our others, to supply any needy baby (or elderly person) with a nice warm blanket (knee-rug).  I collect scraps of wool or pull out jerseys that are no longer wanted and buy wool to make into a nice colourful blanket.  (We also need to source one of those machines that suck the air out of the plastic bag to make the packages smaller to save space.)


On that note, if any of you ever have a good idea or advice of where to get equipment at cost prices etc, please share with us.  We will be very grateful.

Also – we have had an appointment with a consultant at the Travel Clinic at Tokai Medicross to discuss all our medical innoculations required for each country that we enter.  We are going to look like pin-cushions and Steve being a bit of a chicken…….

We need to have jabs for Yellow Fever, Hepatitus A and Typhoid, Tetanus, Meningitis and we think, Cholera.  Rabies is also optional.  They are all very expensive, but essential to our health.  This will be about R2 000 for the two of us.  Also we need to take several Malaria Testing Kits to use along the way if we suspect that we have caught malaria.  They are R25 a pop and we have been advised to take about 5 or 6.  Even if you test negative, you are advised to test about 12 – 24 hours later to confirm the reading.

We are really debating the malaria-drug regime that we need……..We have been advised  to try some new malaria drugs while still at home (as I am allergic to most of the drugs, having Cycline in them so the ones that I have to use are extremely expensive).  Mefliam is only R18 – R20 a tablet compared to Melanol being R80 a tablet.  We need to have malaria tablets for about 12 weeks, so as you can imagine, this is a huge expense.

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2 thoughts on “8 Months to go…….

  1. Erica de Kock

    Hi guys. I was having a chat to a friend of mine who has done quite a bit of travelling. 2 things he mentioned: 1) do you have a satellite telephone? and 2) he says to approach the chiefs of villages (should you not have available campsite/accommodation) to request their permission to park close to the village should you need to overnight. In this way you have his protection 🙂 although lots of little faces watching you whilst you eat!

    • Hiiiii.
      1. Yes, will take a satellite telephone with, essential out in the middle of Africa. We will have to keep our ears to the ground to find one before we leave or buy a second-hand one.
      2. Wild camping is something we have heard about and it sounds good to have their protection. :-))

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