Give us a brake!!

L:  We spent the day at Cape Point on Friday 9th August – being Women’s Day.  It was a lovely day, which was super after being so bitterly cold for so long.  We walked along the beach to a wreck, Thomas T. Tucker and then walked all the way up the hill to the lighthouse.  There is a pole with the kilometres to various places throughout the world and I thought it fitting that we took a photo of the one to London – thinking we are going to be driving 3 times the distance they show, which is obviously as the crow flies……..

We used our new GPS, although we knew the way.  On the way home, it stopped working.  Being under guarantee, we were ready to return it, but it worked when we got it home again.  This highlights the need to have two, so we will be taking our old one as well as lots of maps, in case.  Also, we will have the laptop so that we can research any area if the GPS goes funny on us again.  We will also have a satellite phone, which we will purchase closer to the time of our departure.

On the way home, the indicator on the dashboard came on for the brakes and Steve got out to check and saw that we were leaking brake-fluid.  We stopped as soon as we came to a service station and topped up with brake fluid.  We were intending to have the brakes checked before our big trip, but now they have been done already.  So they should be good for another ……50 000kms, we hope.  (The front right hand side calliper was leaking brake-fluid through the solenoid seal.)  We replaced a corroded piston and all the seals on the front callipers as well as the brake discs.

*Thanks for all the good wishes, comments and advice so far. *

IMG_0826                             IMG_0823

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2 thoughts on “Give us a brake!!

  1. Cheryl and Bart.

    We found that the GPS is only as good as the person working it. Are you using Tracks for Africa? Maps are a must and between the GPS and at least 2 maps, you should be ok. If all else fails….phone home!

    • That would be Steve!! Ha ha, yes we do use Tracks for Africa, but I use my “sticky-taped” maps just in case. Seems the GPS wants to be picked up and cuddled every now and then.
      I have your number on speed dial for when we are lost though……..;->>

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