Down but not out

Here’s a little hiccup in the plans and preparations. I am laid up in hospital with double pneumonia. What a time to get sick. Started as feeling like flu with a bad headache and a sore throat last Wednesday, then spiked into a fever and even worse headache and sore throat on Friday night with me ending up in emergency for a few hours. Then it was back home at midnight and enduring a bad weekend of misery until my doctor sent me to hospital on Sunday. So here I am till next Monday.

Thankfully Lesley kept pushing the barriers until I was where I should be. The only problem was I did not have pneumonia when I first saw my doctor as that developed afterwards.

I am feeling so frustrated now as there is so much to do still and time is running out. But I am sure everything will work out. I have my contact with the outside world and there are some things I can still do.

When I get home I can employ the services of the rest of the family to do the heavy lifting part of the work and I can just supervise.

Oh, and I had just started training for my 18th Argus Cycle Tour. Not sure how that is going to turn out. We will see. Might have to just turn it into a fun ride and take all day to do it.

Cheers for now.

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3 thoughts on “Down but not out

  1. Glad to see you can blog again! Hope you feel better soon. See you both on the 22nd

  2. Just a little hiccup, Dear.
    Get better sooooon. 🙂

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