Delayed!! …………

L: Well, it was always on the cards that something could make us change the date that we had decided on. A few things that we need to fall into place have, as yet, not. So at the moment, it looks like we will only leave on 5 May 2014 instead of our original date of Monday 7 April 2014. We also took longer to get the house ready for the property market, either to sell or to let so we decided not to stress, but push the date a bit. (Steve being ill in December also made us take things easier and not burden ourselves unnecessarily.)

So, as I write this we are back to another possible 70 days to go!
Two weeks ago we went to the Travel Clinic in Tokai for our Yellow Fever shots as our house doctor does not have the necessary licence to administer same. We were told to wait until today, before getting the rest done, as it is a live-culture injection and should not be taken simultaneously with other injections.
The sister there, after finding out that I am allergic to any of the Cycline drugs which most of the malaria medicines contain, suggested that I try Mefliam (which is the old Lariam drug, but improved). She gave me one dose and warned me that I may have vivid dreams. Well, I didn’t, but I did find it dissolved in my throat before I could swallow it, which has a rather awful after-taste. I will use bread or cheese to swallow the next one. The GP advised me to have another 3 to check that I don’t have any reaction to them. The beauty of these meds are that you only need one a week, yay. We have decided that Steve should stick to Doxycycline which is what he was on in December to rid him of any parasites.
We had an appointment with our house doctor today for some advice and to collect scripts for all our medicines for 6 months as well as our vaccinations that we still need.
We had the Hepatitis A, Meningitis, Tetanus and Typhoid inoculations done here.
S: Ouch.
L: We have been told to rather not have the Cholera shot. Steve and I also visited the AA in Claremont and sorted out our International Drivers Permits – which they do on the spot as long as you produce your current driver’s licence, bar-code identity document, 2 photos and R265-00 each. They are valid for a year. We will have to visit again a little later when we apply for our carnet.

(A little tip – you can also obtain various items that you need at their supply shop. We found red reflective tape which is a must for the rear of the vehicle in Zambia and Steve could not find at any of the local hardware or auto shops.)


A request to Sports Division, one of the Foschini Group Companies, resulted in a contribution from a couple of suppliers which saw us receiving a beautiful pair of Tasco binoculars as well as 2 two-way radios which we are very grateful for.

IMG_7827 (2)
The radios work well, at a range of a few kilometres so they will be very handy when either of us goes off to the bathroom alone in wild country or we have to be separate while one shops and the other guards the vehicle and also those opportunities when you need to navigate difficult terrain with one outside the vehicle. Sounds like fun, right!!
We have been practicing a few different types of food which we can take and an amazing loaf of bread that I made from a recipe that we found on a television program, which was very tasty. Sun-dried tomato,Basil and cheese bread. Yum.
We have been extremely busy with all the planning and getting the house ready so time has gone so quickly. We are also, slowly, but surely getting to see family and friends to say goodbye before we become frantic at the end.
We had already put down a deposit for 4 nights in Kgalagadi Game Reserve as you cannot get in there without a prior booking. 2 nights at Tweerivier and 2 at Nossob. We have been very lucky that they are willing to shift these for a month, but now we will only be able to have a campsite at Tweerivier, but still for 4 nights (unless a cancellation comes up).
Shame, while we were busy with the house, I would catch Steve leaning on the bakkie, looking longingly at it and had to call him back to the task at hand – some job to get the house ready.
He has now managed to get all the oil-changes done, 5 if I remember correctly……. S: Yes, engine, gearbox, transfer box, front diff and rear diff. Had to do a quick trip to the shops to buy a new oil filter remover and size 24 socket. I had managed to get all the oil at Tonnessons for a good price.
L: He spent most of last Saturday doing those and servicing the bakkie. Steve’s current projects are a single Jerry-can bracket (we will now be carrying 3 extra) and a water-level Indicator for our 70 litre water tank with its filters.
S: Took me a while but I think I have a reasonably reliable indicator. Fitted the water indicator meter this week. Now just need to put the tank back and connect it all up.

IMG_2880 IMG_2883

Now that I have moved the dual battery to the engine bay I fitted a trip switch in the rear in case the electrics in the back short. There is a fuse already mounted in the front in case the length of cable under the vehicle gets shorted. All to prevent possible fires.
L: My job is to sell or let the house and to practice cooking with limited ingredients and packing everything into small spaces……..ha ha.

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6 thoughts on “Delayed!! …………

  1. Margie

    Les there is an AA shop behind the Park n Shop meadowridge. Next to the Fat German Butcher. Tarryn got her international licence there. They also have some

  2. Hi Les – sounds fun all these preparations! Sorry you delayed so we won’t see you in Vic Falls – our trip is all set for 30 April to 4 May

    • Oh yes!! Pity about that. You guys are going to love it!! Will watch out for all the photos too ;-))
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  3. Kevin Daines


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