“Logistical Masters…..?”

L: Tomorrow is 20 days to go……..
Wow, it is getting really close now and we are scurrying around to get everything done in time.
Yesterday, Steve dropped me off (and went to find parking) while I ran up to fetch my Schengen visa – so happy. I must say a real “shout-out” to the Greek Embassy – it was a really painless process and at no cost!! They only wanted a letter about our trip with an itinerary as we don’t have an air-ticket booked to show them as well as my unabridged birth certificate and unabridged marriage certificate as Steve has an Irish passport. I offered them the Chartis travel insurance certificate which they copied, but that was it. They kept my passport and put the visa into it within a few days. Wow.

Steve has now taken out the back seat and is building a wooden “cubby hole” in its place which has a lot of space for us to store our shoes, jackets, books etc to keep out of the way. We will then have our suitcases on top of that and an area built into the middle for all the various chargers etc. It also gives quite a bit of extra space behind where the seat was and Steve is going to store the manual winch and the standard jack as well as a few other bits of equipment.


Steve’s temporary workshop/Man cave.

We are starting to do the grocery shopping bit by bit as and when we have time and today, I ordered all our medicines that we need for the time away as well as malaria tablets for both of us (for about 4 months each to cover the areas where we may be at risk). We have researched extensively about what is advisable to take with and we will get all of this in the next couple of weeks, e.g. a broad spectrum antibiotic, an intra-venous drip kit (so that we know that it is sterile, if we need), lots of diarrhoea meds etc.

We are seeing a lot of our family and friends to say goodbye and making the most of the time with our girls, going to be so hard to say goodbye, yes, I have a lot of tissues…….

We had a braai with Steve’s colleagues and it is hard to imagine that we may not see them for a very long time. It is especially strange to think of all our friends’ children that we won’t see for a long time. They will be so grown up when we next see them. Some of our friends and family have mentioned that they hope to be travelling in the near future so who knows where we will meet up next. I met with our book-club and said goodbye to the great group of ladies. I will miss all of them too.

A lot of overseas people have asked us to call on them when we reach their towns and we would love to do that as we travel. It will be so exciting meeting people along the way in all the countries we pass through. Thanks to everyone for the kind invitations thus far.


On the way to Cape Town to fetch my visa

Almost loaded and ready to go.......

Almost loaded and ready to go…….

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2 thoughts on ““Logistical Masters…..?”

  1. Di Andrews

    oh WOW …. and here I thought moving to D/Ville was a huge step … 🙂

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