Getting connected

S:  The normal response from people after telling them that we are driving to London is normally one of disbelief – “you are doing what??”.  Once we have got that out of the way, the next question is, “isn’t it dangerous?”.  Well……I can tell you what is dangerous – when your wife wants you to put a plug on an immersion-heater (it is an element that is immersed in water, plugged in to boil the water in a cup), that she last used when she was in the army – about 30 years ago!!  Putting the plug on, is easy – the dangerous part is plugging it in and seeing if it still works!!!  😕


L:  I am now sitting, sipping my tea, made with my immersion-heater which is 34 years old, it tastes good, even though I am sure that Steve did not even wipe (let alone wash) the cobwebs off it ;-))

12 days left before we take off and we are slowly getting things ship-shape and Steve is counting the hours that he has to do the little things that he wants to tweak on the bakkie.

Today was finally the day – Steve was like a little kid in a candy shop – we have a satellite phone – yay!!  We have been trying for months to get hold of a second-hand ‘sat’ phone, but they are always somewhere upcountry and they are gone before we can make arrangements to get them to Cape Town.  This one comes from someone in Johannesburg who was kind enough to courier it to a friend in Cape Town where we could go and view it.  So now it is ours, thanks Chris and Kate for all the trouble, we really do appreciate it.


S:  I finally finished off the back seat area.  I had to do a bit of re-wiring because I moved the inverter from under the front passenger seat to behind where the back seat was, where it is now out of the way L: and leaves space for extra tinned food under “my” seat.  S: We also have a remote switch so that we can switch off the inverter as even when not in use, it still draws power off the second battery.



The 4 switches in the canopy are nicely labelled now, so that Lesley does not get confused about which one is which.  One of the major jobs still to do is to replace the shackle bushes on the rear of the back leaf springs.  They are making a racket at the moment and I don’t think I can survive listening to that every day for 5 months…..L:  Just pretend it is a bird, tweeting.

S: You would think that something that cost R23 000 would at least have some letters that are gold-leafed…..but our Carnet de Passage which we were able to fetch from the AA, looks rather ordinary.  One more essential item ticked off.

There are a few odds and ends to tie up and neaten up in the bakkie.  I still need to fix the front hi-lift jack points as one is not bolted tightly enough and the other side bent when I tried to use it.  Out comes the angle-grinder again.

And then time permitting – I need to put on Lesley’s pride and joy – the “hooha” – an old hooter that her Dad took off a ’57 Chevy (or so the story goes).  We need to have a signature tune for travelling through African towns and dorpies.  I took it out to make space for the dual-battery, but now I have to find another place for it.

L:  On Saturday our girls, Nicole and Heather and one of our nieces, Elana and her boyfriend, Neil,  took us wine-tasting (again), this time paring with biltong and nuts etc.  We had a super time (thanks for the Europe book too, Elana).


When we got home, we went shopping at Makro.  We had just over an hour left before the shop closed and it is amazing what you can spend in that time.  Steve was pretty shell-shocked when he saw the size of a 2,5kg packet of pasta.  So now I have packed up the 4 ammo boxes that are allotted to me for groceries and Steve thinks that the rest of our provisions will not fit in, but I have reminded him that we still have 12 days of eating before we leave, so things will fit perfectly…..I hope!!

My blanket collection is still growing and Dalene is bringing some more on Monday as well as a few other people that are wanting to give us extra wool.  Yes, the space to fit them in will be a problem, but I will make a plan.

So, day by day, we are getting through the chore list and Steve ticked off the last of the big items with the purchase of the satellite phone.









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