Kongola, not a gola …….

Day 26

L: Oh Baby, it’s cold in here……
Wow, we spent another freezing night in the rooftop tent. I eventually put on my full track suit (Steve had been smarter than me and had come to bed dressed like an Eskimo), but the nose stays frozen and wet……..brrrrr.

We had a lovely hot shower, I didn’t want to get out of there. It took a while to get moving, but we were eventually out of the campsite by 9. We said goodbye to Brian and chatted about a few of the campsites that he knows about on our route.

It was quite surprising how Hakusembe works. We went to pay our bill at reception and I used a card, but other than that, they have no record of us. Not once were we asked a name or phone number by Yvonne the receptionist. Quite a contrast from everywhere else where you fill in two or three forms before entering a campsite.

S: The roads on our way towards the Zambezi Region (used to be called Caprivi Strip) were very good tarred roads and we were able to do the speed recommended which is mostly 100kms/hour with the occasional speed decrease for the villages. There was a small area along the road where people were selling thatch. Also there were areas along the side of the road which were being burnt, presumably as a fire-break, but no-one is in evidence to control the fires if they get out of control – rather a risky practice.

Getting closer to the Popa Falls area the locals were selling meat (which looked like goat) hanging from the branches of trees. L: Very hygienic.

We arrived at the falls and ordered lunch before walking down to the The Jetty Bar for something to drink and saw a little bit of the rapids. Lunch was a Salmon salad for Lesley and Russians and chips for me. A very good lunch and well-presented.


We left after an hour’s break and missed the falls view point. We still had quite a way to travel and with the water not flowing very rapidly decided to give it a miss.

All the while looking out for the elusive elephants, hyena and kudu that the numerous signboards warn us about, we travelled on to Kongola. We refueled and went in search of a night’s accommodation. We stopped at Mazambala Island Lodge campsite after doing 442 kms.

L: At R95 per person it is very basic, but clean with a view of the river. I asked John, the caretaker about hippos and any other creatures and he assured me that you hear the hippos in the river, but that they don’t come anywhere close to the campsite and there are only a few buck around.

We called the girls, with a bit of a battle to get through, but eventually had a quick chat to each of them. Miss you both :-))

We braaied and went to bed to read for a while.

As soon as Steve was snoozing – I started hearing the hippos snorting. It took me a while to realise what it was, at first, I thought it was Steve…….. I must confess, it did concern me, but John had said that they were far away……so I eventually drifted back off to sleep. There were quite a few times that I woke suddenly with the noise. Steve slept soundly, only hearing them in the early morning. I imagined that they were walking around us…….?

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4 thoughts on “Kongola, not a gola …….

  1. Enjoying reading your blog and following your trip.
    Africa sure gets into one’s blood.
    Thanks for sharing and being so good about updating the blog.
    Be safe

    • Hi there, Hope you are doing well. Really nice to hear from you and thanks for the comments. I thought we would be only doing a weekly blog but I think we are so used to doing a daily one that we cannot get out of the habit. Hopefully we do not get too boring after 150 days of it.

      Keep well.

      Love Steve and Les

  2. skinz67

    Always enjoying your blog, and although I don’t reply everyday, it doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you’re fine, just a bit concerned, cos 3° ain’t cold……. lol

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