Hier en Dar …..

Day 47 –


L: Wow, seems our traveling has caught up with us, it is so difficult to get out of bed and what a pleasure to have the air-con as it is really humid here.

So it was a lazy Sunday morning with a leisurely breakfast and chatting around the breakfast table.

We really needed to find where the Kenyan Embassy was as this need for a visa was weighing heavily on us.

S: Well, it wasn’t at all where we were told it was, but an hour later after walking around and eventually speaking to a Kenyan national, I was more knowledgable. I had a young artist help me and, of course, I then had to go through all his paintings. I was impressed with them so I bought one from him and he gave it to me for TSH10 000 or R64.

Finally L: (after turning around in circles, a few times), we found it at the Kenyan Bank Buildings so now we know where to be at 8am tomorrow….. S: The address is the corner of Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road and Kaunda Drive which is just on the Peninsula. It is a little office in the same building as the bank.

S: For a bite to eat, we decided, to stick to what we knew and popped in at the Spur. We will never moan about the prices at home again as here, it is so much more expensive, but, yes, the food was good.

We drove down to the Slipway Hotel for a walk and I put my feet into the nice warm Indian Ocean. It was sunny now so the view was great too and the sea so calm. We took a couple of pics and went to the end of the pier where they organise snorkeling trips and saw a lot of jet-skis and boats.




We returned for a lovely evening with Duncan and Jane. Jane made a lovely mince and potato dish and we spent the evening chatting.


Day 48 –

L: Crack of dawn in Dar and it is pouring again!! We were up early so that we could walk into the embassy at 08H00. Surprise, surprise when we tried we were told that the lady who opens up the office had a problem and we should come back in one year. Say what! It appears it was one hour so to pass the time and find a bathroom we drove down the length of the peninsula to the Sea Cliff hotel which has a little shopping centre next door and where we had been the previous day to eat at the Spur. The bathroom was open and we were fortunate that there was also a coffee shop open as well. After spending R50 at Msumbi Coffees for two excellent cappuccinos we headed back to the embassy.

It was open this time and it was a simple process to fill in the form and pay the money. Then we had to wait for ‘the man’ to arrive to approve and issue the visa. Yay!! It was only Lesley that was applying for one as I was going to use my Irish passport at the border to get my visa for $50 (TSH 120 000) instead of the $70 that we had to pay for the South African visa. By the way, you can get a East African Visa for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for the same price.

We met, Riaan and Julianna, 2 South African Overlander Tour Guides, applying for their visas and got some valuable knowledge from them regarding our route etc.

So now we have organised a place to stay for few days in Zanzibar and a taxi to pick us up while we close our eyes through the rush-hour traffic to get us to the ferry on time……..

We have spent the afternoon doing the last of our washing and packing everything away that we don’t need. We have packed one overnight bag to share for the trip as we are not sure of how much walking we need to do on the other side, but we are traveling light.

Duncan and Jane treated us to a local Tanzanian meal at the slipway which was super and the guys had the added benefit of a soccer game to watch on the big screen. When we got home Jane persuaded Duncan to play the piano while she sang, what a talented couple.


Our hosts, Duncan and Jane

Thanks to you both for having these crazy South Africans to stay.
God bless.

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2 thoughts on “Hier en Dar …..

  1. Erica de Kock

    How fortunate you are to be meeting such hospitable friendlies along the way! Enjoy the breakaway (from driving) to Zanzibar. Lots of love xxx

    • Hi iiiiiiiii. How are you all???? Yes. We are very blessed. It has been amazing how we meet the right people at the right time. Sending lotssssss of love to you and Tams and Byes xxxxxx On 24 Jun 2014 09:43, “Cape to Cairo to London” wrote:


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