Taking a rain check …..

Day 66 –

S: It rained all night. It had been raining when we went to bed, we had been concerned that the ground tent would not be waterproof as we had never used it in the rain, but our fears were unfounded as we slept warm and snug as a bug in a rug…..

We shared a table with Sue, Ian and Rod and enjoyed a good breakfast (included in the price). We sat after breakfast and caught up on the blog going through all our elephant photos and posting the blog. We saw on Facebook that one of the little orphan elephants called, Kono, did not make it even on life-support.


Later Clive and Ann came for breakfast and invited us to them for morning tea. It was lovely to sit inside their warm camper truck at a table on a cushioned chair and chat over tea and biscuits. As we have said, they are so well traveled so it is great to get advice and swop stories.

S: So another day with no word from the Ethiopian Embassy in Pretoria. I tried phoning, but now think that maybe they only operate in the morning hours as the embassy does here in Nairobi. We will try again tomorrow morning.

L: We went back to the car and Steve had pulled out the awning to shelter us so we made lamb sausages for lunch. After that, being cold and rainy, we just took it easy, researching on the computer and I had a lie down which is something we cannot normally do, but with the ground tent left open, we can.


By the way. The blue crate you see on top of the vehicle is tied to the spare wheel and is our wood and charcoal bin.

I also spent an hour following the various birds in the beautiful gardens and photographed another baby Sunbird.



We messaged the girls and sent voice messages back and forth on What’s App. Lovely to get all the news. XX

Later, we went up to the dining room to charge the computers and waited for supper. The buffet suppers here are great with so much variety and really well presented. Clive and Ann joined us so we stayed afterwards and chatted.

With it still raining, we went to bed to read and had slept a while when a group of Americans arrived late and woke us up again…….

Then it was a great sleep, snuggly and warm.

Day 67 – Happy Birthday to Dalene – have a super time.

L: More noise around reception so early this morning. It was still dropping big drips of rain from the tree above us when we got up for breakfast.

We met Arne from Germany at breakfast and chatted over our omelette and toast with coffee. Later we caught up with our blog and headed back to our camp site in the wet. We crept back to bed for an hour as it was rather chilly.

Well, the only thing to do in the rain is to browse in the mall. Steve had to take the awning down as it is attached to the roof of the car. I sat in the car and it was soaked so I was very grateful as it poured cold water when Steve rolled it up.


S: We are still looking for another pair of aqua-shoes for Lesley as it is nice to alternate shoes, but none of these stores have them. We decided to have the Chinese again in the centre and were not disappointed. We had asked Clive and Ann if they needed anything so as to save them a trip to the shops and got a few of the things they wanted, no decaffeinated coffee in this town!! We have not seen Sue and Ian again for a couple of days.

We are most impressed that bread and pastries are so reasonable so we treated ourselves to some take-home dessert.

Back at the camp, Clive and Ann asked us to join them for afternoon tea and we had a great afternoon swopping stories and embarrassing moments. We also poured over some of their photos with us all trying to identify any new birds that they had photographed in the national park.


L: When Ann mentioned that she had made chili con carne for dinner (as we weren’t going for buffet tonight), I thought that was a great idea. So now we have had a good meal, done in the potjie pot, but we are still trying to cook the mealies (maize) which are a whitish colour and hard and floury, not at all like home.

Steve had a long chat to the owner, Alan, who said that the camp is usually full at this time of the year. Later, we chatted to Lynita, Alan’s wife too. This is a fantastic camp site, one of the best in our two months of traveling. S: If not – the best!


L: We are getting concerned about sitting here in Nairobi, Kenya as the time ticks by as Ethiopia is known to have impassable roads in the rainy season which seems to be catching up with us.

At last, the rain has cleared and we can see stars…………


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