Let’s get moving! ……

Day 68 – Happy Birthday, Kate ;-)) Warning, this is a birdie issue as we wait for our visas.

S: Sunday today so we had decided to find the nearest Baptist Church. I researched and found where the Nairobi Baptist Church was and we decided to go to the 10am service.


We had breakfast and showered and set off early enough for the 12 km drive to church. When we arrived the singing practice was really loud, but we soon settled in at the enormous church – it has 3 floors and a balcony area. It was a lovely service and the preacher was really animated and kept our attention. It was all in English with a few songs in the beginning in Swahili.
There were also eight people baptised at the end of the service, so that was nice to see.

L: So after church we went back to the Galleria Mall as we had decided to have a pizza again as they had been excellent last time. Lunch was good and then, not knowing when our visas will be coming, we stocked up with more meat to fill our little 10 kg freezer as we are not sure of the availability and quality of the meat going further north.



Steve also persuaded me to buy a new backpack as he thinks my old blue one is cumbersome and uncomfortable. I use it instead of a handbag so it comes everywhere with me. I now have a very compact one and I must admit, it is lighter.

S: Home again and now that the rain has cleared we have handed in some washing and repacked the fridge/freezer and filled the fuel tank from our tanks on the roof, still from Tanzania as we have not traveled very far in this last week while waiting in Nairobi.


We went up to the lounge area to update the blog and charge everything and chatted to Alan and Lynita with their African Grey Parrot, Squawk.

L: Such a lovely day and the birdsong was almost deafening. Later we met Max, a German guy parked near our site with mechanics pouring over his rental Land-rover after having an electrical fire. There are so many Germans here and they are all anticipating a win in the World Cup soccer match against Argentina. There could be a big party here tonight, but the match starts at 11pm so I will be fast asleep by then.

Steve used the rump steak pieces that we had bought to make sosaties again and I cooked up some couscous with mushrooms and peas.

I turned in early and Steve went to watch the soccer with all the visitors up on the restaurant deck.

Day 69 –

S: Being parked close to reception, we were woken up by a noisy bunch of Italians that arrived early this morning. We went off to breakfast and met Clive and Ann who told us that they would be leaving in the morning for the lake so we made arrangements to meet for a drink tonight.

L: I went to shower and found a fifty pence piece in the shower and decided that that would be good for our trip to London…….let’s get moving.

What a lovely day. I went off in search of some birds and when I came back, Steve was on the phone to the Ethiopian Embassy in Pretoria, he had found another number (the correct one now).


S: They have our application, but do not accept the $20 in the envelope and want a deposit of R140 per application deposited into their account. They also wanted a copy of our airline tickets and I had to go over the same overland explanation as well as proof of accommodation which requirement seemed to get forgotten in the discussion. After some back and forwards and a lot of negotiation, I persuaded them to send a driver to do the deposit for us and that the visa could be ready to collect at their offices (all being well) by 3pm today………


Lesley suggested that when I call DHL I say to collect the visa at 2pm as they might delay and also that will hopefully get the embassy moving. So we have paid DHL via bank transfer to collect the visas from the embassy and now, we wait and pray that it all works out. Watch this space, we could be back on the road by tomorrow morning, all things being equal. That will be 9 days too long in Nairobi and we are both so ready to continue on our trip.

L: I must say that Wildebeest Eco Camp has been a fantastic rest stop and Steve has really benefited from taking it easy for a while.


S: We decided to head into town to get our last minute things done. First on the list was filling our LPG cylinder. We had run out last night and even though we carry two of them they only last about three weeks each. It needs to last to Europe. We drove into the industrial area to a big company called BOC gas. After much running around and going through four different people we eventually got to speak to a South African area representative who explained that their sophisticated filling equipment would not be able to fill our small 3kg cylinder. (We have an expression ‘Let’s blow this town’ which we use when we have had enough of a place and we want to get out of it. After wasting our time at BOC I used it to Lesley without thinking about the fact that I could possibly be arrested. Fortunately no one else heard me. As my girls would say ‘totes awks’ (totally awkward). They then reluctantly directed us to their opposition down the road, a place called Chemigas which is on Tracks4Africa, and after missing the place a few times we got our cylinder filled for KSH700 (about R86). L: That is so much cheaper than SA and Zambia!


S: Then it was back to the mall to draw cash, buy some more airtime and data bundle and we also bought some more water to fill our tank. Water is really cheap and a 10 liter bottle works out at KSH22 (about R2.70) a liter. L: So we spoil ourselves and use clear water.



S: What had started out as a lovely day turned into overcast and as we pulled into the fuel station it started pouring with rain. We had left our chairs and table out when we left and we discussed whether somebody would be kind enough to pull them into shelter. I won as when we got back the chairs were in shelter and the table was covered in plastic.

It rained into the evening and we moved onto the restaurant deck to do our admin out of the rain. It was like a United Nations up there with the Danish, English, Americans, South Africans, New Zealanders and Australians all being represented. With young and old we had a pleasant late afternoon swopping stories and advice and did not get much admin done.

L: Clive and Ann came and joined us for a drink together as they are off to the lake tomorrow so who knows when our paths will cross again. It has been lovely to get to know them. :-))

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