Out of Nairobi …….

Day 70 –

S: Off to breakfast and later a farewell to Clive and Ann.

L: We have been chatting with quite a few of the visitors, Ryan, Wesley and a few Danish guys, Louise, Stella etc so we have become quite the United Nations here at Wildebeest.



S: Later in the morning we managed to get a tracking number from DHL to confirm that our passports had been picked up in Pretoria, nearly 2 hours later than requested, with the result that it arrived at the delivery facility at 10h20 in Nairobi.

We thought that “delivery facility” meant that it was on its way so we decided to pack up and wait……L: I was so excited that I immediately emptied the tent of all the bedding and left Steve to strike the tent while I made “padkos” and boiled the kettle to fill the flask so that we would be ready to hit the road and not waste time stopping to cook or prepare lunch on the way……..!!!

S: We had faith in DHL.

L: The day dragged by and we tucked into the tuna sandwiches, watched TV, read our books, walked around taking bird photos and views, and waited some more.


S: After several more phone calls to the now familiar DHL number, we were shocked to learn that the driver had not been able to find Wildebeest camp and so turned around and gave up for the day. Those words……..”it will only be delivered tomorrow!!!”…………..L: Noooooooo. We had already made plans to drive a short distance to Savage Camp (2 hours). Just so we could feel like we were Back on the Road, but now it was getting late.

S: I lost it!! I called and told them that I would be waiting at their satellite shop in the Galleria Mall all night until our passports were delivered to us. And so, wait, we did. It was so frustrating as we had paid and checked out of Wildebeest Eco camp and now had to make the decision to return. We phoned and booked, albeit late, for the buffet supper too.

Finally the guy arrived!!!!!! 5.45pm, really!!!! We saw that the address was on the envelope and they did say that they came down the road, but could not find it. Oh well. We now have visas!!!!! Let’s move on and not dwell on DHL and their poor service. Mention must be made of the honest official, who, get this, sent back R80 in the passport. Wow!!!!



Back at the campsite and all our friends as well as the owners were surprised to see that we were back (or not, as they must be used to Africanisms). Well, the buffet supper of meatballs, ribs, chips and all the salads and veg sure made it a bit better. We had a glass of red wine each chatted to young Wesley from Australia (ex SA). Tonight, we would be flipping and zipping as everything was packed up.

L: This would be our last night in Nairobi, please……….

Day 71 – Happy Birthday to Trish W. and Glaumie……..XX

L: YAY!!!!!!! What a great night’s sleep, warm and dark in the rooftop tent and we knew that we wanted to avoid rush-hour traffic so we slept in a bit. Steve went to order our fruit salad with yoghurt, coffee and toast while I took my time…….. It was great and we said a final goodbye to Alan, the owner.

The showers was luke warm after all the UK kids, but nothing could take the smiles off our faces.

We paid for last night (as we had settled the full bill the previous day) and warmed up the car, ready for the drive.

S: Now, even at 9h30, the traffic was crazy and a lot of concentration was needed. It took at least an hour to cover the 20 kms to the outskirts of Nairobi – the city seems to stretch for miles………

L: I asked Steve to stop at a fuel station as there was nowhere to “go” in such a built up area. I cannot tell you how vile the hole in the ground was……!!! The squat toilet was a disgrace, but needs, must!


Folding plastic fork that came with the cup ‘a noodles from Saudi Arabia.


Back on the road and there was quite a lot to see, the many stalls along the road, traffic and loads of people milling around, taxis, busses and cars. We stopped for a tea break and then Steve stopped to buy some huge avos at less than R3 an avo, but he gave them extra.


Fortunately the train does not pass this way anymore



Shoe City

EQUATOR!!!!!!! – At the town of Nanyuki, the equator is said to be, so exciting. We stopped to take loads of pics and I braved the stalls. Number 12 – they take it in turns with each tourist bus or car that stops. Now, because they didn’t nag and hassle us, I spent some time with Agnes in her stall and bought a few things, getting rid of all our rands from yesterday too.



When I was finished, Naomi, said that she would wrap everything, free of charge, while I came into her shop, which I did. The free wrapping paper was newspaper, but I found the most amazing trinket box which I fell in love with. It is a map of Africa with all the countries and when I tried to slide it open she instructed me to take the piece of soapstone out that read “Kenya” as that is the lock. Oh my, it is stunning, the workmanship is so impressive.


S: I had stayed in the car as all of a sudden, the central locking and alarm became faulty – on the equator, something to do with the earths surface???? In that time, I had a few guys try to exchange British coins with me as the forex office does not take coins so to help them out I swopped some Kenyan shillings for English coins – FUN.

We tried to get a picture of the GPS showing 0 degrees latitude, but it goes in small little increments of about 3 so, alas, that did not work.


EQUATOR  ——————————————————————–


Just as Lesley was feeling like tea, we came to our campsite for the night………

L: Yes, well. What a come-down from Wildebeest or even Jungle Junction. Timau River Lodge has definitely seen better days……..It is grassed with geese, ducks, peacocks and peahens etc and quite a few dogs. Other than that, it is run down and scruffy. The restaurant looks neat and comfortable, but with no soap in the bathrooms, it does not inspire confidence.


S: By now, it was after 4pm and I was tired and so I persuaded Lesley that we would stay and make the most of it, using our things and our water, instead of their water L: which is milky coffee colour. Yuck.


L: Time to get blogging and then we can think of what to do for supper as we listen to the birds and dogs and geese.

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4 thoughts on “Out of Nairobi …….

  1. Well, well….. The cold showers, dirty toilets and mad roads start again!

    • That is for sure, but we wouldn’t change it for the world……. This is great!!!!!! Xxxxxx On 16 Jul 2014 19:36, “Cape to Cairo to London” wrote:


  2. Sha

    Your bird photos are the best xx Safe travelling further North.

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