Wet and waiting …….

Day 80 – 80 days!!! Wow.

L: We slept in as there was no noise and it was pretty chilly. We left for our breakfast and the hotel seems a bit busier now. After breakfast Steve asked at reception if there was somewhere in the grounds where he could do an oil-change on the bakkie. Yes, we have already done another 7 500kms since Rundu, Namibia so being a diesel, it needs an oil-change and he will do the service too. They said that they would come back to us, but we waited all morning.


Just before lunch, Steve tracked down the manager and they showed him where he could go, out of the way. We had lunch in the hotel, the set menu again which is really reasonable and good. There was an American man in the dining room who amused us by asking if he could taste the chicken soup before ordering, really? We could just imagine him dipping his spoon in the pot to see if it was to his taste……..

As we were having lunch it started drizzling and was soon pouring again. We even had to borrow the porter’s umbrella to get to the room. I had my plastic anorak on (always in my bag) and we still got soaked.

S: So much for the oil-change now…….
Anyway, when it cleared enough, I brought in the food boxes so that we could sort them as I had to get them out of the way to get to all the spares and tools. I gave up the idea of doing the car for today and we watched movies and the news.

I did a few e-mails to shipping companies as we will probably have to ship from Port Sudan to Turkey or Greece the way things are going in the Middle East at the moment.

I also sent off an e-mail to the Sudanese Embassy in Khartoum as we may need a letter of invitation to get through the country. As we sit and wait we may run out of the allotted time on our Ethiopian visa so I have researched where to apply to extend it if need be. It is coming up to the end of Ramadan so the Sudanese Embassy in Addis Ababa will probably be closed for most of the week which could delay us further.


L: We have been having breakfast and then mostly a lunch and then just doing our own thing for supper, using from our stocks as it seems like we will mostly have to be in hotels from now on. Oh, how I long for a braai. The last one we had was in Jungle Junction, Nairobi which was weeks ago.

We are trying to keep busy, but knowing how far we still have to go, it is tough waiting…….

Day 81 – Wishing Ann warm wishes on your birthday in CT.

S: Last night my feet were freezing, but this morning I am warm and cosy, but listening to the chanting……

L: We went off to breakfast and the sky was still clear so Steve could get the oil-change and service done, yay.

We packed everything needed, most was in the car with some of the oil on the roof rack and drove down to the bottom of the hill. It is the part of the hotel grounds that are not really used, there is a car park there. A couple of security guards were really confused and since they don’t understand English, they remain confused, but maybe now they have worked it out.

Steve managed well, I sat on a camping chair, crocheting and passing the tools he needed. He started the car, without the oil-cap on, so it was quite a comical sight to see his face splattered with black, greasy oil. Lol.

S: Now that I am done and everything is cleared up, it is time to get clean. Oh no, not again……not much hot water and not enough pressure to get the water to come out of the shower attachment, grrrrr. Seems we should have 2 keys so that we can try whichever shower works better.


L: Just as Steve got out of the shower, it started pouring, bucketing down, wow. That was good timing to get the service done in time.

We watched some TV and home movies of the kids on the laptop, aaaah miss them!!
We dodged the raindrops and went off to lunch in the hotel. I had the set menu of soup, fish and even coconut cake!! and coffee. Steve decided to have steak sandwiches and chips followed by the strong little cups of Ethiopian coffee. We will have to buy some to take with us, right Trish?

Dash back to the room before the next downpour and there it is…….wow, it really knows how to rain here, not the normal full day of drizzle that we are used to in Cape Town, though that seems to have changed too. It is not cold here though, just your feet. Luckily, they are not stingy with warm blankets.

Yes, Erica, we will have to snuggle up and watch a movie……….

S: As it cleared later in the afternoon, we went for a walk down the road and watched more than 4 bridal parties in the gardens near the fountain. This seems to be the place for photographs and we enjoyed the posing on the slippery walls of the fountains. Everything is very colourful. We chatted to a man from the States, originally from Ethiopia, who is here for a wedding.  He told us that the wedding is Ethiopian Greek Orthodox.



S: Back to our bungalow for tea and sweetcorn with our last instant meal from Cape Union Mart – thanks, Sharon – all made with our little camping stove.

Stay warm everyone – seems there is a lot of cold and many showers of rain all over the world this weekend ;-))

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7 thoughts on “Wet and waiting …….

  1. Laurence/Shirley Crichton

    Not in Vancouver, it’s a lovely sunny morning here! 🙂 Really enjoying your updates, thanks guys. Go well. xoxo

  2. Lovely pic of you Lesley. Enjoy your days of rest.

  3. Great weather in Johannesburg

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