Adama Nazareth ……..

Day 89 –

L: What is going on!!!!! Crash, bang and that loud TV. We were woken at 1am by the guests from a wedding that had come home to the suite directly next door to us. We put up with it for over 10 minutes and then I put on my shorts, t-shirt and shoes (I did have a nightie on) and went next door. Oh, sorry.
Wow, don’t people realise that they are not the only people around. Ethiopians also speak really loudly, calling to each other across a road or across the room……..

S: Thanks, Les, now back to sleep…….zzzzzz.

We went off to breakfast and it was ok, but I don’t enjoy cooked food for breakfast. L: The dishes were spicy, but I enjoyed them.


On the way in to breakfast, we had handed in our washing. I was so glad that I had done my undies by hand as the receptionist took each item out and laid them on the counter to count them and check off against my list. I would have died if it had been my “not so” smalls……..
As we were walking out of the hotel, after breakfast, she came to hand us the bag back with all of Steve’s undies and our socks – as they don’t do those!! Strange that there is a section for underwear on the laundry list. Ok then, fine, so I did them all by hand and hung them up on our Zimmer frame table to dry on the balcony.

NB – We have explained our reasons for having to go back down to Kenya to put the car on a ship to Europe (see previous blogs), but a lot of people seem surprised that we are not shipping from Port Sudan, Sudan. We made the decision when Jordan turned down our visa, which we had to show before applying for a Sudanese visa.
We have now had correspondence from a shipping agent in Sudan telling us that Sudan is not very safe at the moment and that ships normally only transport diplomats’ cars from Port Sudan. We are very glad that we made the decision to go back to Kenya to ship out – which we can do when our passports come back to us in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Hope this explains everything, guys…….

Once again, Dave and Joan – thank you so much for the help in contacting the shipping agents. We so appreciate your help.


S: I have spent the last while, with Heather (one of our daughters) calling DHL from Cape Town, organising for the collection and payment of our passports. We are having them sent to Addis and hope to have them by Wednesday when we can start back down south to Kenya. Thank you so much, Heather and Lyle and Roy. That is a weight off our minds – making phone calls from here is a nightmare and really slow to get the message across.

S: We had been discussing our route back down and we had met a chap, Firew and his family at dinner on Friday night who explained the ring road of Addis to miss all the traffic. So now, as soon as we know when the passports are on their way we will use this road to bypass the city centre and all its traffic and stay close to the airport. We hope that will work out.


L: By the way ……more on pink ostriches – Sasol, Birds of Southern Africa says this – ostriches found across Southern Africa originate from domesticated hybrids originally bred for the feather industry and derived from Somali Ostrich stock. These birds, which are smaller and have differently coloured bare parts to wild Common Ostriches, have been very widely introduced into game-farming areas. Maybe this is why Steve and I never saw pink ostriches in Oudtshoorn during our 18 months and 6 months respectively, during our military service. The book does not mention that they turn pink during mating season, think you guys are pulling our legs, ha ha.

I have been feeling a bit nauseous today so we have skipped lunch and I am coaching Steve on cooking mince and potatoes for supper, similar to cottage pie, my favourite. Good luck, Steve, I have faith in you – you have come a long way from using coconut (instead of couscous), with mushrooms and peas. ;-))

Supper was lovely and we kept it fairly plain just using All Gold tomato sauce, just in case. A last cup of tea while watching a bit of TV and I was out, like a light……..

Day 90 – Happy birthday, Mel B in C.T. XX

S: Lesley was still sleeping soundly when I woke up this morning so hopefully she is feeling better now. L: Yes, I am – just zonked from all the Kantrexil to settle my stomach. I was thinking how well Steve has been this trip, praise The Lord. I have had a few bouts of illness, but we have been very fortunate in our 90 days away considering that we have had all sorts of different foods etc. Our water-filter system in the car has worked so well.

S: Breakfast was so nice as there was no buffet, which is only the local dishes. We could order what we wanted. We both asked for one fried egg on brown toast – we got 3 fried eggs each on extra-toasty white bread, but it was good. The language barrier is a huge problem and I have no clue how any real (outside of Africa) foreigners, get their point across.

We have again been worrying about our passports getting picked up in Johannesburg, but finally at 3pm, with a lot of help from Heather in Cape Town, they were fetched and now we hope that they will get to Addis by Wednesday.


L: We made a small lunch from left-overs on our little balcony and some tea. That little camping stove is so handy. We spent a bit of time in and around the gardens and sorted out our luggage and paper work that we need. As we have said, as soon as we have our passports we are heading back down to Kenya so we need to decide what to keep with us when the car is on the ship. We have not heard yet when we can ship the car or how long it will take to Europe. We do know that it will be expensive, but that is unavoidable.

We know that it seems strange to a lot of you, but we have to trust God to lead us and trust our instincts to avoid any unrest – and there is a lot higher up in Africa and in the Middle East. Please keep us in your prayers.

We went for supper tonight and to settle our bill, we will be leaving back to Addis tomorrow to await our package from DHL.

We were giggling at supper as we were discussing going back through Marsabit in Kenya. It was so hot that Steve had been driving without a shirt on and as we came through the desert into the little town, a policeman stopped us – his eyes went huge and he said to Steve “You are NAKED!!” – I was in hysterics and had to cover for Steve saying that it was so hot and that we got so much dust in the car, I think he was so grateful that I still had my clothes on, and waved us through.


S: We both enjoyed our complimentary soup and bread and then our fish dishes. Lesley had been dying for some fruit (chocolate too, but no luck there), so she ordered the fruit salad. They asked if they could bring it as dessert. Well, we both had some and what a strange combination – lettuce, tomatoes, oranges, pawpaw, quince, avocado pear and pineapple. Well, we got our fruit alright.

Back to our room to get ready to leave and update the blog again before we start moving again in the opposite direction………….

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One thought on “Adama Nazareth ……..

  1. Tish

    Wow …that salad must have been interesting…LOL! So sorry that you can’t carry on…have found your blog riveting…but safety first and I am sure your adventures will continue….as long as you are safe…..

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