Waiting for our ship to come in ……

Day 97 – Happy Birthday, Nidia and little Maia. God bless. Xxxx

S: We slept in the ground tent last night. I said to Lesley not to worry with the thick duvet as it was sure to be warm, luckily she never listened as it was quite nippy in the early hours of this morning and lovely to have a nice warm duvet.

L: Breakfast here is so nice and freshly made to your order compared to so many places where the food is served from the buffet, all cold and congealed. We sat for ages on the deck enjoying coffee and tea and chatting to everyone. There are three young Koreans who we met last night as well as a German guy and a lot of really nice Americans especially Rob and Eric. One of the Korean girls came back after breakfast to give me a pen with a little figurine in the Korean national dress to say goodbye, though we explained that we will be here still another day at least.


S: Ryan, the other South African, who has been here for 4 months and is also shipping out, gave me the details of the shipping agent he used, in case we need it.

We caught up on the expense sheets and blog and pics and Lesley watched TV and crocheted while I tried to get the shipping agent on the phone.

L: Last night, we were saying to Alan and Lynita (the owners) that after so many days on the road, Wildebeest still rates as one of the best places to stay. Lynita asked why not the best?? Lapa Lange near Mariental, Namibia is the other contender for top spot.

Oh, and the showers, so nice and warm especially with it being overcast, what a treat.

We stayed in the shelter on the deck for so long that we decided to order lunch instead of doing it ourselves. Steve had his first toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich in forever and a plate of perfect hot chips, so he was smiling. On a day like today, soup for me…….carrot and ginger to warm the cockles.


Later we sat at our campsite and enjoyed some more tea and after a few e-mails Steve managed to speak to one of the shipping agents. Fantastic, now we wait for prices and dates. We also had to measure the bakkie to see if it would fit the 20 foot container – which it will.

S: We enjoyed the buffet for supper once again and huddled under the shelter of the deck as it was still drafty and wet.

We have been messaging our girls with our intentions, but nothing is sure as yet…….

Day 98 –

L: I cannot believe how I slept. Steve woke me up when he got up and I realised that I had not even heard the rain the entire night. We went off for breakfast and stayed up on the deck for quite a while as it was still cold.

We chatted to Ryan and said goodbye to Dave and Heather.
We met John and Jill and spent some time with Jill while we had lunch, soup again for me and a sammie for Steve.


Steve called our shipping agent again to remind him that we are still waiting for a quote, but still no e-mail.

So, all in all, today was really laid-back as we wait, once again. We caught up on watching all the news on current affairs and a few other programs.

Tonight, we will be having their lovely buffet again even though we really need to cook the rest of our meat from our freezer in preparation for unpacking and switching off the fridge and freezer when we put the car on the ship – whenever that will be.


It is only about 500 kms to Mombasa so we can get there in a couple of days when we know dates, but it is nice to stay here when it is so comfortable. The ground tent was a bit wet this morning as the Australian design is not suited for rain, but with the blow-up mattress at least we stayed dry.

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