100 days …..

Day 99 –

L: Each day seems a bit colder and pretty damp too and we are feeling it in the ground tent, ha ha. Breakfast was nice with a big crowd on the deck and we now know quite a few of them so it is fun chatting. Last night we spent some time with three girls studying in the U.K., originally from Singapore. We also met Ritica, who has just finished her studies in the U.K and chatted late into the evening.

Once again, we are waiting for the quotes from the shipping agents. Steve called a few people again……

We were back and forward between the deck and the campsite as it is nice to stay in the lounge when it is cold and watch the news as well as use the computer comfortably under the shelter.

We had an early lunch, Steve with his usual sandwich and chips and I had the amazing Cream of Pumpkin soup. We have taken out some steak to force us to use it so we will braai tonight and hope that the rain stays away for that time.


Finally, Simon, one of the shipping guys called Steve and then put the offer in writing so now we have a quote and amazingly, the cheapest option is to the Port of Hamburg in Germany (where my brother lives!!). I was so confused as he does not live at the sea and then we worked out that the ship goes up the Elbe river to Hamburg. It is almost $200 cheaper than shipping to Greece or Turkey. It is still an unexpected expense and after wasting a lot of time in Africa which also cost a lot of money we have had a long look at our options and decided to cut our Europe leg quite drastically. So now, we are thinking, that since it takes nearly a month to get there, that we might just fly to the U.K. As the flights are cheaper than to anywhere else in Europe and put in applications for jobs and fetch the car in Germany when it arrives. It gives Steve a little longer to try and look for work while we wait. We are not sure if we will be able to pop in to Cairo for a few days too.

As you can see, there are many plans to make and we are just trusting the Lord to lead us in the right direction as north was not it………

Later, we went back to the lounge and started filling in the application for the E.E.A. Permit for myself (European Economic Area) as Steve has an Irish passport and I need this to enter with him. It is a long online application now, where you fill in so much history plus all the places you have been over the last ten years, which takes up a lot of space on the form. All that to get an appointment. In the mean time, it seems that we can ship the car in a week and will now have to ensure that our forms are done in time.

Later we chatted to Ryan as he might put his car in with ours. We had invited Ritica to join us for a South African “braai” (BBQ) and so invited Ryan, who is our neighbour in the campsite, too. We started our fire with the gas-poker and used the last of our charcoal. Ryan added his wood to the fire. We had a lovely time and braaied our steak and made some couscous with mushrooms and peas. We don’t have any more fresh veg and are trying to use our stocks as we are not sure what we are allowed to leave in the car when we ship.

Ritica is flying out in the early hours of tomorrow morning so will leave by taxi at midnight. Luckily the Singaporean girls offered to host her until then so she would not be alone in reception.

We said goodbye and chatted to Heather (Nicole was busy) on Zello now that our signal was ok. It was great to catch up and tell her what we knew of our plans for the next while……….

Off to bed to stay warm.

Day 100 –

L: Can you believe it – 100 days on the road – and still sane!!!!!! Well some of us…….

We have done well and still living out of a suitcase.

S: We had breakfast and got on with all the various applications and having to scan the car documents to the shipping agents. We now have an interview at the British Embassy for next week so it seems as if we will be driving down to Mombasa on the weekend to get the car sorted and ready to pack into the container as the ship arrives on the 20th.

There was a lot of time spent on the documentation for everything and still more to come.

L: I have been nagging for sushi after not having since leaving home and we have heard about a Japanese restaurant here so we went at 6pm which was lucky as they only opened at 6. There were two chaps speaking Afrikaans, they were from Johannesburg.


Well, we were treated to a big platter of sushi and it was amazing. I had green tea, Steve stuck to juice and a cappuccino afterwards while I had a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. I think the last ice-cream was many moons ago in Zanzibar. Wow.

Back to the campsite to catch up with the blog and posting. Tomorrow we will have to start cleaning and sorting the car and documenting all the contents.

We have warmed up a bit today and it has stayed dry so that is a nice change. Night, night all. Zzzzzzzz

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