Mombasa bound ……

Day 101 –

L: Oh no, what happened, the blow-up mattress is flat – not the best way to wake up, tee hee.

We had breakfast and chatted to Phil from Germany and Cotra from Estonia, both of whom are traveling alone, we could not imagine that.

S: Today we had to start sorting out which clothes to keep and which to ship with the car, not an easy task. Lesley washed down the ground tent and dusted all the boxes while I pottered around.


L: Yesterday we managed to talk to Nicole too so at least the girls have some idea of our next step.

I made chicken stir fry and noodles for Steve’s lunch and cooked up the mince for mine so that we have now emptied our freezer section of the camper fridge in preparation for the move.

We spent the afternoon surrounded by boxes and suitcases. It is really not easy to decide what to take and what we can do without when we have lived out of the entire car for over 100 days.


We booked to have the buffet for the last time and it was really nice. We spent the evening chatting to 2 Australians, Bobby and Jade. Jade has done a lot of Africa, by herself all the way down to South Africa, using mostly public transport.

We also met Jack who is working for a company in the U.K. and travels mainly to Africa teaching them science and practical skills. They are all very interesting young people.

We have also met a couple from Spain – Maria and he is Francesca – we are surprised that they are going to Lamu, up from Mombasa where the recent fighting was.


S: We also saw Ryan, Alan and Lynita, but Alan is not well so as we prepare to leave, we hope he will be healthy again, soon.

Bed could not come soon enough as we had done all that sorting after relaxing for a week.

Day 102 – Happy Birthday, Jill. God bless.

L: Not a good night’s sleep…….we woke at 3 am and were just about on the ground as that blow-up mattress seems to have given up the ghost. We did not want to use the compressor to pump it as Ryan is camped really close to us and it would disturb him. It was also cold so close to the ground. Oh well, the joys of camping.

We tried to find the owners, Alan and Lynita to say goodbye, but did not find them or the kids.

We were on the road just before 9 am, after our last breakfast at Wildebeest Eco camp.

Getting out of Nairobi was slow…….with an accident having to be cleared again and the police seeming to make more drama than headway. It took over an hour to clear the city, but once we were out on the open road, it was those masses of trucks and busses. The strange thing is that we are so used to pulling off into the white lane (here, the edge of the road) to make space for car after car, trucks and busses that misjudge their speed and need us to make a gap. We do not even get that nervous as we are so used to it, it becomes predictable. Don’t get me wrong, it is still really taxing for Steve.


S: At one of the Stop-and-Go systems on the road with new tar being laid, we were told that we could proceed and ended up dodging all the on-coming traffic, often having to use the new road surface. There was a lot of chips of stone sprayed onto our windscreen too. It was pointless to moan at the flag guys as they probably don’t drive so don’t understand the danger.

We stopped for a tea break and it was amazing not to be bothered by curious onlookers all the while while boiling the kettle and enjoying our tea.

L: Finally, after a long 7 hours of driving, we reached Voi which was 337 kms from Nairobi. We turned off the road and drove out to see Lion’s Hill, a resort up a steep twisted road, but alas, they were full. They called to find out about other places, but they were way too expensive for us, KSH 10 000

The great thing was, that we saw a whole herd of elephants. We had also seen monkeys, baboons, zebras and a few buck, so a good day of nature.



We turned back and drove to see about Desert Rose and after walking up 2 flights of stairs and again when we brought our things in, booked in at only KSH 2 000 (R 2 44)for bed and breakfast. It is basic, but clean with a tiny TV with 2 channels, but a comfortable bed, we think. As long as it does not deflate in the night, lol.

So now we are sitting in the restaurant with the very limited choices as half of the dishes are not available.

S: The food was pretty good, I had Chicken Tikka and chips and Lesley tried the Beef Stew with vegetables.

Back up to the room to capture the blog and sort out the few photos from today – oh, and no birds…….

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