Please permit ….

Day 108 –

L: So, now I realise that I am clearly not as young as I thought. The thin mattress that we were supplied with (Steve’s was thicker, though he offered to swop with me), was too flat on the hard floor. I tossed and turned all night and it was a bit chilly too. Old campers that we are, we only realised later that when the tent was set up for us, the back flaps were left unzipped.


Our little house under the trees

I thought I was hearing things as I heard lions. We discovered that you can hear them from the national park in certain conditions.

We took our time at breakfast and it was a little overcast so we stayed in the lounge and on the deck for most of the morning.

It is pretty frustrating that the Embassy offers an App to follow the progress of your visa application yet it has not been updated once.

We had a really nice hamburger for lunch as we decided not to go for the buffet tonight.
We have had a lot of rain this afternoon and saw a full double rainbow over the whole campsite. Steve is making use of this time to research air-tickets and job opportunities for when we manage to get to the U.K.


I felt tired all day and eventually we went and relaxed in the tent during the rain. I have now been supplied with a thicker mattress and another pillow, luxury!!

The campsite sure is filling up and will be at capacity for Saturday night. We hear that a family that was going from Nairobi to Mombasa by train was told that the train was cancelled and would now have to fly there. No explanation was given for why the train was cancelled, but they will refund the money. It was interesting chatting to Sarah (here with her family) who works for a charity educating Kenyans and trying to get the mothers here to stand up against their daughters being circumcised as is their custom.


We met Alice from the U.K. And some of the other girls and chatted over supper. The girls are all from universities in the U.K that organise funding and then come and spend a few weeks in Kenya to see where the money goes, paying for their own trips.

S: Off to bed……..
Day 109 – Congratulations on your engagement, Neil and Elana (my niece that does all the postings and maps for us on FB). So excited for you guys.
Happy Birthday, Daphne. God bless.

S: I was really cold last night, but Lesley said that she was warm enough. L: That is because I don’t sleep with my whole wardrobe on me and my cases were next to me blocking the draught.

S: After breakfast we sat in the lounge watching the news and surfing the net.


L: What “funny weather”. It was overcast, then sunny and now we are having torrential rain and thunder. There are so many people here and we are all crowded on the deck for shelter.
There is a big group of Dutch people working with children in Kenya and we are told that there will be another 40 students from the U.K. tonight.

There are Spanish, Israelies, Germans, Australians and English so a real collection of us.

Day 110 – Happy Birthday, Molly. XX

L: Up and about now and the weather has cleared. We ate breakfast, showered and spent time enjoying the sunshine.

We are still researching flights etc and a young chap named Michael suggested that we use the train if we fly to Edinburgh first. That would be nice as we could spend a couple of days in Scotland too and explore.


S: Our days at the moment are following the same pattern as we wait for news of Lesley’s permit application. We cannot book anything until we have it so the challenge we have set ourselves is to get to London in the cheapest way possible. So far the best option is to fly from Nairobi via Qatar to Edinburgh, Scotland and then catch a train to London. Only downside is the 9 hour layover in Qatar. But we still have some people working on it for us as well so maybe that will change.


The ship with our container was supposed to leave today, but we have not heard anything yet so tomorrow, being Monday, we have to contact our agent and find out what the progress is.

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2 thoughts on “Please permit ….

  1. Derek

    HI Les and Steve. Well done on the achievement. Passing the point that you at now was always a concern for me and as I did mention to you.. Therefore I am glad you have chosen the line of safety. Getting around in Europe has a lot of low cost airlines. They are much cheaper than the train. – EasyJet, RyanAir Flybe. Unfortunately you will have to pay for extra luggage. If you are going by train, there is only one long distance provider in England, Scotland Wales – Virgin Train. It is awesome and is possibly the safest train in the world (Virgin Pendolina – made in Italy). To get a good deal on the airlines or the train – you need to book more than 2 weeks in advance to capitalize on specials (EasyJet) you can normally get to almost anywhere in Europe at about 30 pounds. The National Express (Coach) is the most reasonable, and do not have a problem with your luggage – again you need to book in advance. The only problem is time on the coach. The train on the other hand is very fast. Hope this bit of non-sensical info assists you on your journey and objective. Blessings Derek

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