The countdown ……

Day 111 – Happy Birthday, Garron :-))

S: We had breakfast and sat up on the deck waiting for the sun to shine. Our mattresses in the dome tent are a bit damp after so much rain so we will have to take them out to dry.


I phoned to speak to Simon re the ship and got no answer. After calling the Maritime Shipping Company, I was told that the ship has been in Mombasa for a few days, but has not docked yet, it will go in soon and probably only sail in 4 days time. All this time, the car has sat on the dockside in the container. We are really grateful that we did not wait there.
Simon finally returned my call and told me the same thing.

We have now had an e-mail with the Lading Bill which we had to check, luckily, as the Vin numbers were all wrong. Now they can apply for the car insurance while it travels on the ship.

L: I started taking out the mattresses and Ian who organises the safaris came and sorted everything out. We now have a new tent, 2 thick mattresses each, lots of blankets and pillows. It is now so plush that we have a separate tent for all our bags.

I have really wanted to get out of camp and go for a walk, but each time I get ready, it pours with rain, so I just have to walk around the lovely gardens at Wildebeest campsite instead.

S: We are spending time researching employment opportunities – I have had a few leads, and then the air flights etc again.

Two o’clock in the afternoon and the frogs in the huge pond below the restaurant are making a lot of noise!!


L: This was clearly as they knew what was coming……..The rain is bucketing down and just does not stop. We are all huddled up on the deck for the late afternoon and evening. Steve has sent a recording of the frogs to the girls on What’s App – Heather says it sounds like a zoo and it is getting louder as the rain drums on the tin roof.

S: We are dreading going back to the tent as the mattresses are so high now that they are against the canvas sides of the tent, past the plastic protection part which is only a few cms up from the groundsheet.

We had ordered the buffet and it was great to have a warm meal in the cold. We met up with Del and Hazel again, back from their safari and have now met Jade and Hayley also from the UK. We have quite a lively bunch here and everyone is so friendly which helps to pass the time.

Off to see if we can find a dry spot to lay our heads. FUN!!

Day 112 –

L: We stayed dry, more or less, and warm, so that was lucky. I think that we will have to lessen the mattresses to make sure we do not get wet though.

The sun is bright already at 7 am so it looks promising. We see that Cape Town is expecting a big freeze again……..! brrrrrr.

S: We had a call from our shipping agent, now wanting us to settle our account – it has taken him a week to confirm the outstanding balance.  So after breakfast, we walked the 3 kms to the mall. I took pics of 2 little children getting water out of a muddy hole next to the road. The boy was 9, the little girl only 3 – left alone next to the water. It is so sad to see that they don’t have access to clean water, even in the suburbs of Nairobi.



We went on to do the banking at the centre. Lesley needed another pair of Capri trousers so we did that too and then had a really nice lunch and browsed the Nakumatt supermarket for some treats.

L: We did not need too much, which was just as well, as we were walking back the 3 kms. It was pretty warm, but a nice walk.

We read and did our researching up on the deck afterwards. We had bought croissants in town so I just had soup and Steve, a drink. After all that rain, it was a beautiful evening and there are not too many people left in camp, so it was nice and quiet.

Day 113 –

L: What a lovely warm day, today. Yes, able to enjoy the African sun again………


S: Still waiting for the permit and the site to track it is not updated at all…….I found a really cheap flight on Qatar airways to Edinburgh, which leaves after midnight on Sunday so we took a chance and booked it as it is a savings of about R8 000 for us. We have to pay it by Friday morning, so we are really praying that we will be sorted in time.

There has been a major problem with the water pump from the water tank in camp so it has been a day of trying to get the water to shower etc, but hopefully everything will be working again by tonight.

L: We had a light lunch as we booked for the buffet for tonight. I played a few games of pool and we sat on the deck working on the computer and I-pad and watching the news and a few programmes. It is really chilled, but we are still not used to sitting in one place for so long.

The buffet was lovely and it is so nice to sit in t-shirts until late in the evening though we are thinking of everyone back home in the chilly weather. Remember, it will soon be spring for you and we will be going into the cold……..

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