Out of Africa ……..

Day 114 –

L: Brrrrr, I was really cold this morning. We got up fairly early and came to have breakfast.
There was no power in camp so no toast, only bread and everything that could be done on the gas. The water in camp is also still a problem so now there are great buckets of water in all the bathrooms to fill up the toilets so that they can flush. The owners are really being put to the test and have a wedding of over 100 people for Saturday, let’s hope everything is working properly by then.

S: We are still using battery power to do all the researching that we need.
Lesley went to shower and there was no cold water so it was scalding hot. I waited for later instead.

We have still not had any correspondence from the visa place……..and we need to pay for the tickets tomorrow.

L: There are 3 ladies from P.E. In S.A. And they are really into birds so I don’t feel so alone. Debbie, Judy and Sandy are really friendly.


Lunch was a bit of a challenge as only certain things are made on the gas so we booked for the buffet for tonight.

4pm and still no power…….I opened my I-pad and yay!!! there is an e-mail from the embassy saying that I can collect my passport. We presume that the permit is in it and that we are good to go. The 2 – 5 day for the priority is up tomorrow so they just made it.

S: I will take a bus and a taxi to town to fetch it for Lesley and make sure it is in order and then try to get the tickets paid for so that we can take advantage of the cheaper flight. We are really hoping and praying that this all works out.

L: We are really keen to have a night or so in Edinburgh, if we can find somewhere reasonable to stay and then will take a train, we think, to visit Steve’s sister, Nicky in Hitchin. This is all so exciting, especially for me as I have never been out of Africa.


S: We were enjoying the buffet with only the solar lights on when finally all the power came back on. Now, the race to make sure that everything is fully charged in case it happens again.

We will have an early night as I need to get to the bus early in the morning.


Day 115 – Happy Birthday, Kevin. God bless XX

S: I got up really early, emptied my backpack of anything not needed and set off to town to fetch Lesley’s passport. The total bus cost into town and back was only KSH 200 instead of the taxi at KSH 3600.

I arrived at the visa place and went to collect the passport, all in a sealed plastic envelope. I was flabbergasted to learn that they had rejected the permit for Lesley!!! I sent Lesley an e-mail with the bad news and now we would have to miss out on the flight that we had booked.

I felt shattered and came home by bus again.

When I got back, we went through the document with Lynita (who studied law) and found that this application does not seem to apply to us, or we have not supplied all the relevant information or supporting documentation required.
The form has so many spelling mistakes and is so vague too. One of the objections seems to be that there is no proof that Lesley is my wife even though they had the original Unabridged Marriage and Birth certificates.

L: We had an early lunch, as Steve had missed breakfast and went through the forms again. Lynita suggested that we should try for a tourist permit and send my passport away again…….


Steve went for an afternoon sleep as by now he was feeling exhausted. I went to shower as once again we are battling with water issues.

I chatted to Sandy, Debbie and Judy and they tried to cheer me up.

When Steve woke, we had tea and Lynita brought us a huge brownie that she had bought in town to make up for our bad day. That was so sweet of her.

The P.E. ladies had booked for the buffet for tonight and said that we should all sit together, a whole South African crowd.

We spent the rest of the day back on the computer and informing the girls of the latest detour…….

Day 116 – Happy Birthday to Candy. Xxxx

L: I woke up today and decided that we should move on. I really don’t want to send my passport away from here, again. I suggested to Steve that we fly to Dublin, Ireland as soon as possible. Steve has his Irish passport and I can go in with my South Africa passport. I have never been off the African continent and Steve has been in London for a day on the way to the States, long ago…… so it will be really new for us. We can also start the permit application appeal from there once we have made sense of all the requirements.

S: We went up for breakfast and after that, started researching for tickets to Ireland. We have booked and paid for one flying out of Nairobi late tomorrow night.


L: We were so surprised to see Rod, who we met here long ago…….He was even more surprised to see that we are still here. We met his wife, Susie and their two little ones and had a catch up. Rod works in Kenya.

I really want to have a shower, but the water is off and on again so I will have to time it correctly.

Finally, we both had water for our showers. Now this afternoon it is pouring again. Luckily all our washing is done and dried so we can pack our suitcases ready for the next leg of our journey.

Steve spent a lot of time looking for a place for the first night in Dublin so now that is organised too. We will be able to go by bus.

Rod and Susie offered to take us for pizza at Galleria, but we have booked for the buffet, pity.

Our last night in Nairobi, yay……..

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3 thoughts on “Out of Africa ……..

  1. Well Les and Steve, I certainly hope things go well for you off the continent. Good luck and enjoy yourselves.

  2. Gabie

    Safe flight out of Nairobi! I will miss your bird photos!

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