Out and about in Donabate …….

Day 126 – All the ladies birthdays today – God bless you all. Wishing Penny, Pam R and Little Zoe. Love you lots. Xxxx

L: Another beautiful summer’s day in Ireland. Nearly 10 days here and still not one rainy day. Yay. We tiptoed down to breakfast as everyone was still asleep.

S: When I got back upstairs there was an e-mail from a recruiter. I called her and I am now short-listed for a contract job in Ireland.

We left to walk the short distance to visit Mike and Elizabeth who we had met on Sunday at church. We spent a wonderful morning chatting and getting to know each other. Elizabeth insisted that we fetch our washing to do there, so Mike took me by car and Lesley got the washing on and hung it up in their lovely sunny garden.


L: When Elizabeth spoke about her knitting (craft) club, I mentioned that I miss my crocheting as all my stuff is in the car, in the container. So she went upstairs and came down with a hook and a whole lot of spare wool to get me started again. How lovely to keep my hands busy all afternoon. They had made us a lovely lunch of sandwiches, tea, yoghurt and a chocolate.

S: With a whole bag of clean and dry laundry, we walked back home. After a bit of admin and surfing the job sites, we ate an early supper of pork and leek sausages, Irish peas and spuds – do we look the part?????
L: Seems, I am able to eat chicken and pork here, no bad drugs in them……

We spent the rest of the evening, out of the way of the family, in our loft room. It does get a bit hot up here, especially with the sun setting and beaming in to the window. Agnes came upstairs for something and asked us if we had the radiator on!!
Every house here seems to have a radiator set behind the head-board of the bed for warmth. Water is piped through it and warmed when you switch it on. These are things that are so common here and South Africa with the winters getting so much colder, will have to start adopting.

Day 127 – Happy Birthday, Tamsyn!! ;-))

S: We crept downstairs for breakfast, but this time Nick was up. We had a nice chat and he mentioned that the agency that he got a job through is looking to hire. He forwarded the details to me. Someone he knows is looking for a tenant for their flat too.
My sister, Debbie, called to say hi. Our signal was intermittent, but Lesley and I both got to talk to her and caught up on all the news. Thanks, Debs.

L: We left for a walk through Donabate village. We had driven through it on Saturday when we arrived. It is very quaint with a few little shops, a supermarket and about six hairdressers and barber shops. And although we looked at each one, for Steve to get a nice haircut, they range between 15 to 20 euros (up to R300) which is just insane. Where is Heather with the clippers……?


We arrived at Newbridge Park and what a delight. It is huge with tall trees and grassy fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. There were a group of deer and a stag with enormous antlers.
We sat for a rest on a bench next to the old manor house and had a coldrink and chips. There are a lot of people walking dogs or pushing babies in prams, jogging or strolling. Once in a while, someone actually makes eye-contact and greets, but that does not seem to be the Irish way.


We looked in at the tea-room, but decided to rather walk back to the village for Chinese at either of the restaurants that we passed. It was quite a walk through the park as we took the fork that winds past the farms. It is all through avenues of trees.




We left the park, walked back up the hill and into the village. The Chinese restaurants were both closed as was the pasta shop so we settled on the coffee shop at the Supervalu supermarket. The cappuccinos and sandwiches we had were very good. We went in to get a couple more days provisions and were shocked when we realised that the shopping all cost less than the bill for our lunch.


S: I carried most of the bags as Lesley had her backpack and the camera and it did make it a long walk home. We must have covered about 5 or 6 kms today, but it was lovely out in the sunshine.

We went in to drop the groceries in the kitchen and Agnes was trying to make space in the fridge and freezer as she had ordered her groceries today. We left our little bag of goodies with her to try and squeeze in.

L: Steve got back to the computer on all the job sites, while I read and did some crocheting. Steve had made enquiries into staying at a B and B for another week at the next village called Lusk, 7 kms away. We booked it from Saturday to Saturday again as we had done here.

S: An e-mail came in from one of the recruiters who had tried to call me. My Lyca mobile SIM card is not sending SMSes out and I don’t get the calls coming in……I called her back and she is putting me forward for a position so I hope that it will go well. It is also for a position in Ireland.

L: Early evening, we popped down to the kitchen for some tea, poor Agnes was still sorting the kitchen and making apple sauce. I cooked all our chicken so it wouldn’t take up space and we basically had that and a bit of veg for supper.

We got out of the way as Nick had popped home for a quick supper. Little Ivy has a cold so she is struggling a bit, poor thing.

S: I have managed to track the container and discovered that our car is sitting on the dockside at Salalah, Oman having been unloaded from the MSC Jenny and waiting for a week for the next ship to go further. We now have the ETA of 7th October for it to be in Hamburg.

It is easier to research in our bedroom so when we are at home, we try to stay out of the way.
We also got a few messages through to the girls. Night night……..


Day 128 –

L: Those lazy days……I woke Steve for breakfast and we went down while the house was still closed up.

S: We got dressed and ready, it was cool and cloudy still and walked the short distance to the Community Centre. I went in to the library for the morning while Lesley joined Elizabeth and the other ladies. Once a week they get together and do crafts.

L: I did my crocheting and Elizabeth is learning to crochet now. She gave me some extra wool too. The other ladies were knitting and doing needle point. Agnes arrived later with little Ivy. I did not know that she goes sometimes too.

We had a lovely morning and it was super to meet so many people.


Steve and I walked home and it was still overcast, but warm, no rain yet.
I made mince and noodles for lunch and we sat and chatted to Agnes. She told us that another couple is coming to stay in the other room for 10 days so it will be quite a house full.

S: I have been on the computer all afternoon following up leads, nothing concrete yet though. We both had a nap, we do so much walking here and spend time in the fresh air that we seem tired most of the time. I think it is stress too.

L: We decided to use what we had in our little plastic food store so I made tuna sandwiches and egg sandwiches for supper.

We need to organise a taxi to get us to Lusk on Saturday as there is quite a walk to Donabate station and again from Lusk station to the other B and B. It is only 7kms, but too far to carry all our bags.

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