On to Lusk …….

Day 129 –


Our loft room

L: Ow, the feet are aching………

This morning we decided to go for a walk along the cliffs on the seashore. We set out after breakfast and buying a few, not such healthy, snacks from the little supermarket across the road.

S: It was really misty so we, once again, took sun hats, sunglasses, jerseys, raincoats and an umbrella – to cover all the bases. I said to Lesley that we could catch the bus down to the seaside to save us the 2 km walk down the road, but that meant waiting 20 minutes for the bus so we decided to walk instead.

Once we got to Tower Bay beach, we turned right and walked along the road next to the beach. It was lovely and cool and so quiet though we did see a few residents. They and all the people walking along the cliffs were really friendly. The cliff path is high above the sea with a great view.


Restored Martello Tower

L: One of the locals pointed out the island which was a volcano as you can see all the volcanic rock, all different colours, shapes and sizes on the beach. There are a few birds, mainly gulls, but no other animals to be seen. We have not even seen many dogs and a mere handful of cats in our time in Ireland. Of course, they do not have dogs as watch dogs either so they are the small fluffy types.




It was a long walk, over 4 kms to the beach each way. We eventually came to the old hotel, The Waterside House Hotel and went inside for a lovely cappuccino. Remember, we have been searching for a good one throughout our trip ………this was up there with the best of them.
I chose Seafood Chowder (soup) with homemade brown bread for lunch and Steve had the Gourmet Roast Beef sandwich. We were not disappointed. We only spent 22 euros including the tip so that was fair for a hotel.



S: There was a wedding being arranged for the afternoon (Friday). We read that there was a special offered throughout the year for 100 guests, with everything included even a night in the honeymoon suite for the bride and groom for 4 000 euro (R60 000), how does that compare to South Africa, guys?


Another tower and hotel in the distance

We started the long, straight walk back, away from the beach past the golf courses towards Donabate village. Some of the homes are lovely, but some have not seen a lawn-mower (or a donkey) in forever!! One of the homes had a lawn for a roof!!! Try mowing that.


Grass roof

L: By the time we reached the village, we needed a sit-down, so we found a little wall in the shade and watched all the locals coming home from school and work. We continued on through the village back home.


Doormat reads: “OH NO! Not you again”

Exhausted – and we had, once again, carried all our jerseys and jackets for nothing. Ha ha. It reminds me of my Mom, she was always telling us to take a jacket, you never know. But, wow, we have had the most amazing spell of warm weather since we arrived.

S: Back to the computer, and still no luck with any of the jobs, maybe next week will be better.

L: The other couple has arrived, from Turkey, but we have not yet met them.

I made mince, potatoes and corn for dinner and we sat with Nick and Agnes. Seems the other couple have turned in already.

We packed a few of our things for our next move. The owner of the new place, Triona has offered to come through and fetch us from Donabate – how kind.
Day 130 – Have a really great Birthday, Jane :-))

L: It has been a long week in Donabate so we are ready for a change. The other couple were really noisy at all hours of the night and again this morning with the bathroom not being left in the best condition. Having 2 couples staying here at once was not ideal.

When we said goodbye and thank you, Agnes said that she wished all their clients could be like us………We think AirBnB is not for everyone. The hosts have to be very sociable and need the guests not to feel that they are intruding so it is really hard having a young child’s routine constantly disrupted with new people coming and going and staying in your home and sharing the kitchen with you.

S: At 11am promptly our new hosts, Triona and Clem arrived to fetch us in Donabate and drive us to their home in Lusk. They are so easy to chat to. Triona stopped off for bread and milk, not allowing us to buy anything.

Up the stairs to meet the crazy cats, Alfred and Tippi – what characters. Clem and Triona helped to carry our cases and settled us in our room with a whole basket of treats on our bed. We are in their “surf-themed” room which is light and airy with no ceiling to bump our heads on.


Coffee was brewing and brunch was on the go by the time we got upstairs. These young people really know how to make you feel at home. We are invited to help ourselves to coffee and any kind of tea throughout the day. Breakfast is also included here each day for the full week.

L: We had vegetarian sausages, eggs and toast and it was all so tasty. We spent the afternoon getting to know each other and I later went for a nap too.

Clem and Triona went out later and we used the last of our groceries to make a tuna pasta. I had a good giggle later when I mentioned to Triona that Steve asked what we were going to have for supper, seems all men are the same ;-))

We had the use of the lounge with a big screen TV so we could catch up on the news and watch a few programmes. Steve was already lights out when they got home.
Day 131 – Happy Birthday, Rob and Joan. God bless you both…….

L: It was so hard to get out of bed this morning, we slept like logs. When we eventually did get upstairs, it was lovely to smell the creamy apple and cinnamon oatmeal porridge that Triona had set to cook overnight in the slow-cooker. That and tea was a great start to the day. We later saw our hosts briefly as we popped out to walk the short distance to the local Supervalu supermarket. It is even bigger than the one in Donabate and had everything we needed.

S: We are learning some shopping savvy here in Ireland. If you take products that have a sell-by date for the present day or a day or two later, it is so reasonable. There are also a lot of 3 for the price of 2 offers. We are managing to spend only 10 euros a day on food and yet Lesley is cooking up some delicious meals. L: When you remember eating them, Dear.

Back to the little townhouse for lunch, by ourselves, except for the cuddly cats. Steve is spoiling them rotten, but I make him keep them out of our bedroom for fear of losing my place in the bed.



We have been in contact a lot with the girls and it is super to have all the news. I also heard from my brother, Peter, last night. With Facebook messenger it is so nice to feel connected to all our family and friends too.

S: While I napped, Lesley caught up with the blog postings and read and crocheted. We later had supper which was just tea and toast as we had had a good lunch.

We spent a quiet evening watching TV and had a lovely surprise when Elizabeth (and Mike) phoned from Donabate to see how we had settled in our new place. They are such lovely people.


Would you get your hair cut here?

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