Let’s go walkabout …..

Day 132 –

L: One of those lazy days…..
Triona was already up and out by the time we got up so we did not see them last night or this morning. Triona left us porridge again so we enjoyed that with our coffee.

S: I spent the morning researching any and all jobs around Ireland or London.
I popped out to the shop to get some washing powder so that Lesley could do a load of washing and then tumble dry everything. It is always such a pleasure to have the laundry done as we struggled along the way to have this taken care of.

We later went for a long walk around the area, to the really old church set inside the cemetery which has graves and tombstones dating back to the early 1900’s. Yes, Alan – we are in a cemetery again! but this is the area’s history.


Tower on the right is all that remains of the original monastery. Towers on the left are all that remains of the original church. The crypt in the foreground used to be inside the original church.


L: By the way, it was really cool to see where Steve’s granny lived in Dublin, (52 Dufferin Avenue) – we were able to see the old brown-stone house that she lived in, all those years back – on the 3-D program on Google maps. We had walked and taken a bus trip so close to it.

Another thing about walking around these areas is that we have ourselves a little picnic each time as we pick blackberries from all the brambles along the sidewalks. I have a vague memory that we used to be able to do this in Sea Point in the old days, but there is nothing like that now so maybe I imagined it……..Tell me, all the old Sea Pointers???


We walked quite a way around the village and the great thing is that you can see the tall church tower to direct you home again, something like using Table Mountain as a beacon at home.

Once again, I have cooked all our meals and it is so nice to be able to get good food at the local supermarket and cook for ourselves.

Day 133 –

S: That smell of apple and cinnamon oatmeal is so easy to get up to…….
Makes me remember church camp porridges, Jenny and Gordon.

I did all my admin work sitting in the lounge, still hoping for a good opportunity to come in from all the job sites and recruitment agencies.

L: Sitting high up on the second floor, overlooking the village of Lusk with the promise of rain. It is overcast again, now for 4 days, but still no smell of rain.


Our bnb in Lusk

We eventually got around to putting on our takkies (trainers) and getting out for some fresh air, but not before catching a cat……
A cat shot out the door of the flat and straight outside to the lawn as someone had left the downstairs safety door open. Now this is where it gets strange – Steve is convinced that he picked up Alfred (who he sometimes calls Albert), but I saw the flash of ginger and white being the female tortoise-shell cat, Tippi……..


Alfred and Tippi

Steve thinks that I am losing it, but I am sticking to my guns. Later, he realised that he had left his wallet in the flat and keeps misplacing the camera lens cover, hmmmmmmm who is the confused one, Dear.

We did a round circuit (the other way from yesterday), of the town. Now a strange thing is, along the busy road through to Rush and back to Donabate – the town council has plonked (and cemented) a whole row of big green and silver painted exercise machines!!! They look so out of place, not what we are used to where they are clumped together in a park or on the beachfronts of Cape Town. Makes you wonder if anyone comes along here to use them, ever?


Fresh air gym

Back home for homemade Irish beef stew which was real good.

Clem said that Triona had called and that they thought that they would take us out to Skerries for dinner tonight, how nice!! Triona was only going to be home after 7pm though as she is on a course.

We spent the afternoon quietly watching TV and reading. I went for an afternoon nap so that I would not be looking for my bed at dinner.

S: Triona wanted to shower so it was nearly 8pm when we got on the road. Clem is needing practice as he has his driving test coming up so set off on the twisting, turny road to “nowhere” as they call it, between Lusk and the Rush turnoff on the old Dublin to Belfast road.

Man-o-War is a quaint old pub restaurant built in the 1 500’s. We tried a new beer that they thought was local, turns out Doom Bar ale is from London. It was pleasant. I had Cod and chips, what a lovely meal and Lesley really enjoyed her Thai Green Curry with halves (half rice, half chips). L: It was a lot of food. We were discussing how amazing the chips were especially when compared to those awful lumps of charcoaled potatoes that they kept insisting on serving us throughout Africa.

It is expensive for us to eat out, but we are trying not to convert and just enjoy it.


Triona is so like Monica, my niece and when we showed her pictures of Monica, she was amazed at the likeness. She is the same age too.

We had a lot of laughs and a fun time getting to know each other.
Steve delighted in telling them how scared I was on our trip to Botswana when the elephant had me nearly wetting myself!!

We came back home for tea and this time it was the younger generation that faded first, ha ha, but they do work long hours with a good drive each way.

Day 134 –

L: Something’s leaking…….I couldn’t work out what the noise was at 4am – water was pouring from the gutter outside our room. At last – RAIN!!!! We have been here 16 days already so it is great to see the grass and the trees dripping wet.

By 8am the rain has gone, but everything looks fresh and clean as far as the eye can see – how grand.

S: It was cloudy and overcast for most of the day so we did not venture out. I spent a long time on the computer again today, but still no result.


After Lesley made lunch, we were discussing what our next move should be as we don’t want to stagnate in the same place for too long. It is lovely here, but not much to do without a car. Just then, we got a message from Clem that someone was wanting to stay on Saturday night so we decide that we would stick to our original plan of staying for only a week and leave on Saturday morning.

We have looked into hiring a car for a few days and driving across west to Galway so that we can see a bit more of Ireland. We are researching places to stay and whether we will drive the 200kms in one day or stay over somewhere on the way.


No, Lesley has not suddenly grown.

L: In the end, Steve needed to pop out for some bread and milk, but the supermarket is really close to home.

We just had toast and little baby apple tarts for supper as we had had a good lunch. These cats are so amused with my crocheting that they keep pouncing, claws and all, onto my wool which, most times is on my leg, ouch.

This week seems to have flown, can’t believe it is Wednesday night already.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s go walkabout …..

  1. Judy Stafford

    Hi Lesley, you are correct I remember we did pick fruit from the gardens we walked past in Sea Point. Did you get a picture of Steve’s grandparents house? I would love to see Monica’s “double” if you have a picture of her. Great that you are enjoying Ireland. I am holding thumbs for Steve to find a job. Lots of love Judy xoxo

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