Balbriggan break ….

Day 144 –

L: Nooooo, do I have to get up……?

We had breakfast and packed everything up and set off again.

We managed to find what remains of Dunmoe Castle this morning on the way out. It stands on private farmland so we did not go and explore it. I think the fact that it is not signposted is to keep it off the tourist route.


Steve asked where I wanted to go and I suggested Dogheda. He wanted to stop off at Tara Hill first so we back-tracked a bit to get there.

S: This is also a section of all the burial mounds of old times, but they are not explored and developed like Newgrange is. We walked up the grassed hill exploring along with all the other people. It was a bit chilly up there and not too exciting. However, the view from the top of the mountain, was stunning. It is difficult to see the structures while walking around but the information boards at the car park have aerial photographs and quite detailed explanations of the layout. What puzzles me is, if these structures are that old, where do they get all this information set out in the explanations.


By the time we got back down it was after lunch time so we popped in at the little coffee shop for a sandwich and coffee.

Something that we find a bit unusual is that the radio station here, also called KFM, has all the announcements of the wakes and funeral services broadcast on the radio each week.

So off we went through all the farm lands and along the country lanes. I asked Steve to turn around as I had seen a sign that said “egg vending machine” – say what???
Yep. So……you put your coins in the slot and then you open a little door and take out your tray of eggs. All 30 for only 6 euros, free range. No, we didn’t try as 30 eggs is an egg-ceptional amount for the two of us. Can you believe it and no, Cheryl, it is not a post box with a little postman Pat (Paddy) inside.


L: We set off to Drogheda after Steve had seen that there was a well-known museum there called Millmount. We drove around a few times until I convinced him that the narrow little archway was, in fact, where we had to go through. The reason for this, we discovered later, is that it was part of another walled town so it is tucked behind the wall with the big, fat round tower lookout on the hill. Steve went on the tour of the tower and took some really nice shots from up there while I went through the very organised and well-stocked museum.


There are a lot of interesting displays and it is spread over 3 floors. What I found amusing is that the display of all the different types of rock are housed on the top floor. It is a lot of extra weight plus they had to get all those chunks of rock up there. That’s Irish for you.

I knew that Steve would enjoy the radio and tele-communications display in the basement. I found the old home appliances fascinating. The old washing machines were so big and cumbersome, made out of wood, yet they did the job.

Steve came in to join me and I was still looking around. He did find the radio and phone displays interesting.

We still had a bit of time to wait before we could get into the accommodation for the next two nights, an AirBnB in Balbriggan, so we went to walk on the cliff above the beach and eventually found the steps to get on to the sand too.


A lady walking her dog pointed out 3 rocks in the bay each with a bird perched on them and told us that the rocks are called The Three Nuns. There is a long thin rock called Long Leg too. I also saw one of the resident seals.


A kilometre from the beach and we were at the BnB. Mick arrived and showed us around. We have a very nice upstairs room, shared bathroom and access to lounge, dining room and kitchen. He and a friend watched a soccer match, as did Steve, while I finished my book upstairs.
Mick said that he was ordering take-out for himself so we did too. 15 minutes later, we were enjoying our Chinese. We have been trying to get Chinese for all of our 4 weeks in Ireland – it was worth the wait.

Ok, either it’s the soccer and golf making me tired or just the fresh air, but I am bushed. Night all.

Day 145 – Happy B-day Annari. Mwa. XX

S: We were up bright and early this morning. We showered and had breakfast and set off to the Balbriggan Baptist Church for the 10.30 am service. L: When we arrived there was only one person so we figured that we had time to pop back to the house as Steve had forgotten his wallet, again………

S: The 10.30 service started promptly at 10.50, in true Baptist style, right? Some of the choruses were familiar to us so that was great. The preacher, Noel, spoke really well and we understood most of his Irish accent. After chatting briefly, we left for a tour of the area.

L: We stopped first at Ardgillan Castle and gardens. It is not really a castle but rather a country house which has been castellated. The place is huge and lovely, overlooking the sea.


We had lunch first and then really enjoyed the gardens, particularly the rose garden. There are about 40 varieties there, though not all blooming and some new names for us, e.g. Paul’s Scarlet Climber, Sympathie, Coral Dawn, Dublin Bay, Penny Lane, Parkdirektor Riggers, Bantry Bay and Schoolgirl. Any of you botanists know these ones……?






We also saw a Potentilla garden display, which is a type of shrub like fynbos. The grounds are vast with a children’s play park too and lots of grassy areas.


We later went down to Skerries beachfront and harbour area. It was lovely and the weather played the game all day until much later when it became overcast. So Ireland – four weeks of great weather with only one full day of rain and a spit and spot for a couple of nights. That is amazing, the rain jackets have not seen the light of day.


The views were great and we so enjoyed seeing the boats and fishermen. We treated ourselves to an ice-cream and then went to the beach. Finally, I found a few different types of birds as we have not seen many birds here on the Emerald Isle at all.

We stopped off at the supermarket for a few things and headed home. We decided to have sweet and sour pork from Mr Wu again for dinner and twisted Mick’s arm to join us.


We are heading back to Lusk to stay at Clem and Triona tomorrow night, oh, and Alfred and Tippi (the cats)…….

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