Day 146 –

L: It was one of those nights for me, I just couldn’t get back to sleep after 2am, grrrrrr.
I must have dozed eventually though…….
We got up fairly late and packed up ready for the next stop.


S: We drove around the area of Balbriggan and went down to the harbour. All the boats were flat on the sand as the tide was out. Scampi is a very popular item on the menu here. They are prawns and I have no idea why they call them scampi though. We saw them being sorted into a refrigerated truck.


L: We then set out for Skerries again. It was so misty down on the beach front where we were yesterday. We later stopped in at the Harbour Bar in Rush for lunch. The food was great and we had the place to ourselves. I had a half a plate of roast and it was huge, Steve had the chicken burger which he also struggled to finish. There are 2 bars in this one building for some reason. Their happy hour must be called Rush Hour.


We walked the short distance to Rush harbour which was shrouded in mist, still, even so late in the afternoon. Seems the weather is changing – slowly.


L: We followed the coastline down to Lusk and got to the familiar part where the station was. We had previously only walked the entire area so it was strange driving through now. Back through the archway into the complex. When we had parked the car, we were met by Clem. It feels so good to be back.

We now have so much more luggage it seems or maybe we have just got slack at packing properly. The cats were so happy to see us.

Steve had a sleep almost as soon as we got in while I unpacked and then got out my crocheting to entertain the cats ha ha.


S: Les later made us a rice and mushroom dish which we enjoyed while catching up on the news. Triona came home later and we all sat and chatted. Triona came up later in a cow “onesie” (an all in one PJ set) and we all dissolved into laughter. She looks so much like Monica, our niece that we had to post a pic to Facebook. Triona made us all a great cappuccino before bed.

Thanks Clem and Triona, sooooo much for having us again. Great to be here!!

Day 147 – Happy Birthday to Angela and to Ashley – God bless. XX

S: So we have been thinking about it for a while……and have decided to come home, back to Cape Town and back to my old job.

We were waiting to hear if we had to be in Hamburg, Germany to swop the car to another container or if the shipping company would be able to redirect it to Cape Town for us. They have told us that we can just courier the keys to the shipping company and they will handle everything. All the papers for the car have finally been received by Nicky in the U.K. (Where we thought we would be), so she will send them on for us, also to the shipping agents in Hamburg. The courier service fetched the car keys from where we are staying within 20 minutes of our call. Wonderful.


Why does this make me think of Winston Churchill….?

L: Sorry that we won’t get to see my brother, Peter, after all. As you can imagine, that will save a lot of money as we can fly home directly.
No, we are not made of money……All the suggestions of friends and family, saying, why not pop over to Europe to this country or that. Remember that we had to divert and ship the car as we were not able to drive through the Middle East with all their political problems and a war in Israel. We were advised not to travel to Egypt and Turkey too. It is extremely costly to ship the car and now that we have decided to go back home, we are having to ship the container to Cape Town too.
There is a ride on, ride off (RO-RO) option, but we were warned off that as you may only have a shell of a car left if thieves target it.


S: I started researching flights home, though I have been keeping an eye out for the more reasonable ones for a few days already. We found and booked a flight leaving on Wednesday after noon, via Dubai, but it has an eight hour lay-over, again. This time when I checked in online I saw there was an option to book a hotel room, courtesy of Emirates, free of charge. We will fly at 8:35 the next morning to Cape Town. We will be home on Thursday, yay!!!

We let the girls know and they could not believe that we could book so soon and be home in 2 days. They are just as excited as we are. Nicole volunteered to have us over for supper.

L: Steve also booked a hire car for us for a few days so that we could get around while the bakkie is still out at sea……

After all that, it was lunch time so we had a snack and set off to buy a couple of gifts for the girls. What fun to see the lovely shop, Penney’s in nearby Swords village.  We couldn’t resist buying onesies for our girls, especially when they are a third of the South African price.



We heard from Clem and Triona that they were keen to take us out to Skerries for our last dinner in Ireland. We had told them that we were leaving in the morning.

The afternoon was spent cramming everything in to the 2 suitcases that we each have, they just seem to stretch.

S: We went in Triona’s new car and it was pretty cold again on the beach front. It had started raining earlier and Clem remarked that as we are preparing to leave the weather is turning nasty. It is already much darker in the mornings now.
We arrived in Ireland on 1 September and leave on 1 October with only 2 rainy days in total, beat that! It has been an incredible trip.


L: We went to Stoop Your Head, a restaurant with a really low ceiling. Steve was the only one of the 4 of us that had to stoop…..
When I saw crab claws on the menu, I was very excited – until I saw the price. Steve was having calamari and said that I should have the crab. Clem did too. I was really shocked when it came as the claws were really small, about a tenth of the size of the ones you get in Mozambique. Oh well. Triona had her vegetarian fare and was very happy.

We had a super time for our last night in Ireland and had tea and coffee back at the flat. Clem and Triona have been stars and we will really miss them …….and the cats.

Day 148 –

L: I didn’t sleep well again as my mind was all over the place. We heard from the girls via What’s App. Heather said that it was only just sinking in that we will be home tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for the welcome home messages, we have missed you all too and hope to visit to catch up soon.

We had our last oatmeal and apple porridge, thanks guys and got ready to go to the airport. We wanted to be there in good time as we had to fill the car and return it to the hire place and also collect the hotel vouchers for Dubai from the Emirates desk.

All went really smoothly and we checked in well ahead of time and put all our luggage through to Cape Town.


When we went through the boarding gates, I was held back as they scanned my backpack again and then made me unzip it to show them. They then scanned it again and checked thoroughly on the x-Ray machine, ouch, why me? It reminded me of being at school, and Girl Guides, I was always getting into trouble as I always blush and look guilty.

We stopped in at the Chocolate Restaurant, but resisted and shared two healthy salad options while we watched the busy comings and goings out on the landing strip.

After that we spent every last penny so we would not go home with any “funny money” though we have a few Kenyan Shillings left still – anyone going on holiday….? We left messages for the girls and another thank you and goodbye to T and C.

This is a 777 and is a bit cramped, but we are nearly in Dubai and will land at about 10pm, but in Dubai it will be 12 midnight. We are sitting next to Trish, a lovely young lady from Northern Ireland going to be with her boyfriend for a year in Dubai.

After landing at Dubai we walked, and walked, and walked some more – it was after midnight, Dubai time and HOT. Then we had a ten minute wait and the shuttle took us all 3 kms back in the direction we had just walked. Exhausting.

There was another half hour wait at check-in, but finally, we were in our hotel room. It was 1.30 am and they would give us a wake-up call at 5.30am. The room was comfortable and Steve was out!! I took a while to fall asleep, but, thankfully – I did.

Day 149 –

Can you believe it, we can’t. 5 months on the road!!! I pat myself on the back for living out of 2 small suitcases, ha ha. Would we do it all again……..? In a heartbeat. Thanks, Steve. We have been so blessed all the way, praise The Lord.

S: We got up at 5 so that we could both shower and get some breakfast before the shuttle at 6.

It was a really good breakfast which we rushed so that we could be on time for the shuttle. True to form, we had to wait in the bus for 15 minutes.

Then it was a dash through the city to be dropped at the airport. We went to find some recliner chairs to wait the an hour hours and dozed there.

Our flight was called for boarding, a full hour ahead of take-off time. In Dubai you can take your water bottles through customs…….
We waited again in a lounge with half the number of seats for the people in there. Then we were put on to the airport shuttle to get way across the runway to where our plane was. We were crammed in to the bus like soldiers and it was so stuffy, waiting like that for over 20 minutes (while they prepared to open the plane’s doors). The bus doors opened to the early morning heat that is Dubai and we were finally permitted to climb the stairs to board our plane.

And now the wait begins…….So sorry, but we are delayed as the loading crew is not ready yet. One hour after our scheduled take-off time and the engines are warming up. So the reason we got up at 5am to leave at 9.30 am is………?

Take-off!!!! We are going to Cape Town, yay.
Besides having a baby cry almost constantly, all went well. The food served was all amazing and it is great to be able to watch movies, but oh, how the bottom hurts, sitting for so long.

Coming in to Cape Town……The sun was so bright and the sea looked like a sheet of gold in a smelters oven and then, there it was – our mountain, welcoming us home. Table mountain, you never lose your appeal.
Solid ground…….





We collected our bags and walked out to Avis car hire. There were a lot of people so we settled in for a wait, but they were super efficient so we were ready to drive out in just 10 minutes.

We drove to meet the girls, Nicole and Heather at Nicole’s flat.
HELLO!!!!!!! What a welcome. Yay and we tried not to chunk, ha ha.
We met Liz, Nicole’s flat mate and were shown around.

Now, sitting with a mug of Rooibos (red bush) tea and Steve with a beer, we can catch up……..
Yes, there were the presents, of course.

We has a super time and the T-bone steak and roasted vegetables followed by ice-cream, strawberries and sprinkled chocolate are all that we have missed so much. Thanks girls!!!

We caught up, but didn’t want to be too late to arrive at Linda and Gary. Steve’s sister, Linda and hubby Gary are very kindly having us to stay for a little while while we decide what our next plan is.

Super to see them again and we sat in the kitchen with another cup of Rooibos and caught up and discussed the pink chickens, pink ostriches and goats that look like sheep and sheep that are so like South African goats and various other funny stories.

“Make yourselves at home” are the best words these two weary travelers can hear……..

Night, night all. God bless.

Day 150 –

HOME – safe and sound……….


Framed ….A new thing to help the tourists take a good shot.

Thank you all so much for following us…….
Until next time, good bye. XXX


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10 thoughts on “WHAT A RIDE !!!

  1. Dalene Keeling

    Welcome home. What am I now going to read – so enjoyed following your journey. So sorry you had to have it cut short but you sound very pleased to be home and I am sure Nicole & Heather are even more pleased!

    • Hi Dalene
      Yes, we are so happy to be home and to see the girls and family and friends again ;-))))
      Even the weather is superb.
      We must make a date to get us all together again, sooooon.
      Lots of love xxxx

  2. Liz Kampers

    Well, I must say you guys are amazing. What a pity that the world is in such a mess, and peoples’ bungling, that it spoilt your plans so much! And you stayed so positive. My heart goes out to you for all the disappointments, but my spirit is lifted at the fact that you went, you enjoyed what you could and handled he things that you couldn’t control so well.

    We would love to see you guys sometime. Our new telephone number is 021 787 0385. Unfortunately we can’t give you a bed, but we can give you a meal.

    Much love,


    • Hiiiiii

      Thanks Liz and Rob, too for all the love and support.
      We would love to see you, let us know when you are free. Please SMS me on my cell otherwise I will call soon.
      God bless, lots of love
      Les and Steve

  3. Cheryl and Bart.

    Welcome home. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip with us. We could not wait for your next blog so we could “experience” with you, the wonders of your travels. We are going to miss your blog. We are delighted that you have returned safely and that you have experienced such a wonderful trip. Mwah!

    Cheryl and Bart.

  4. Aaaaaah, thank you and also for the lovely gifts, they were all so helpful. Even Steve was using the lip-ice in the deserts……..
    We had a great time. Mwa.

  5. Wendy Clayton

    Welcome home. Going to miss the lovely positive news feeds. Must get together. Pls .

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Carol

    Welcome home.

    Thanks for sharing your trip.

    Kind Regards

    Carol Young

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