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Cheers!! Raring to go…..

Steve: For many years my wife and I, Lesley and Steve, have had a dream to drive from Cape Town to Cairo. Until recently it was nothing more than a dream. Now we have reached a time where our children are grown up and almost out of the house and we can finally put the dream into reality. The plan has evolved a bit in that we have decided to keep driving until we get to London. That is the plan. Putting it into practice is the challenge.

It is now less than two months to go and we have decided to do a blog to document the process. We have done daily blogs for four previous trips and are happy that we did as we have a travel diary now that we can read anytime to refresh our memories.

Lesley: Steve has made a lot of changes to the bakkie (vehicle) and the parts are bought, ready for the final service before we hit the road.  As you can imagine, there is so much planning to do and things to get ready so this is an on-going “to do list” for both of us.  Join us by reading our pages that follow…….

(Namibia/Botswana – www.raybyn1.blogspot.com ; Kzn/Lesotho – www.raybyn2.blogspot.com  ;

N.W. Cape/West Coast – www.raybyn3.blogspot.com ; Eastern Cape – http://www.raybyn4.blogspot.com)

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One thought on “About Us

  1. Jock Fraser

    Hi, i have been in contact with Don Jarman who put me onto this site. i used to work with Jack and many nights we would go to your house after work.
    Good Luck and will be following your trip until you hear the sounds of Big Ben.
    Jock Fraser

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