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10 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Shelley

    Leslie, I remember you from the days when you lived over the road from my mom in Brassie Street. You have been on my mind lately, so I decided to search for you on FB, and I came across your amazing trip. Wishing you all the best for your journey and looking forward to reading you blog. All the best to you and Steve. regards Shelley.

  2. Norma Felix

    Hi Team Whitehorn, Been reading you blog and wishing you all the best for your trip. You guys are tracking well. Super excited for you both. Will keep on saying travelling prayer for you. Safe travels.

    • Thanks Norma, We are having a blast. Been in the bush going around in circles but now on track again and heading north and west.

      Steve and Les

  3. Julie & Brett Smith

    Just loving reading your blog every day. Feels like we are on this journey with you. What an experience. Godspeed, will be praying for you guys as you venture further north into Africa. Lots of love

  4. Linda, Tony & Boys

    Hi guys, glad you are both safe and enjoying yourselves. Am enjoying reading your blog 🙂 The colours of the birds are AMAZING 🙂 🙂 Thanks xxxx Yes, we are FREEZING here in CT, although today was a bit warmer, but by tommorow evening, there is another cold front hitting us until Tuesday 😦 we are off to Montagu Caravan Park for the long weekend, and I think we are going to FREEZE!! Oh well, layers of clothes here we come 🙂 Go well on the next leg of your journey, and stay safe ❤ Lots of Love xxxxx

  5. Steve Farmer

    Hi There, I saw a post on FB by Margie Ball (the Ball’s are friends of ours) I am being transferred to Nairobi for about 6 months and am seriously ‘thinking’ about driving there. I have a Ford Everest 4×4 and have done some local trips in SA and to Bots. I would have about 5 weeks to plan the trip, this would include fitting r/rack, and some other stuff.

    Question is – do i have enough time? I would be driving alone (Brother in law may join me – also an off road nut). My route would be Cape Town to Gabs (sister lives there), up to Caprivi in Nam (visit my old SADF bases there) cross into Zambia at Wenela and head to Livingston – after that i have no idea!

    Enjoying the blog!! Travel safely further!!


    Steve Farmer

    • Hi there,

      Difficult question to answer. What I can tell you is that I spoke to a fellow South African today in Dar es Salaam and he is from Durban. He and his daughter took 5 days to drive to Dar but on some days they did 1000km. If you have followed our blog you should have got an idea of the roads and driving conditions in Zambia and Tanzania. It would also depend on how you drive. If you take the north road out of Zambia you will not have to enter Malawi.

      Steve & Lesley

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