I suppose it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out from the title of this blog that we are heading to Egypt first. So that means that we will be heading up the east side of Africa. We will start on the west side though. We would like to travel through the Kagalagadi Transfrontier Park on our way through to Namibia. Then it will be through Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan.

At this point we are not sure about driving into Egypt. The cost of the Carnet seems to be out of our reach. You need a guarantee of 200% of the value of your vehicle. That works out to be more than the whole trip is going to cost. We need to find out more about how this works exactly. The other option is to cross into Saudi Arabia and travel through to Jordan. Then maybe fly into Egypt for a few days or so.

Then it is across to Europe. Turkey first. There is now a ferry from Israel to Turkey. Following that will be Greece and then somehow making it through to Italy. Still trying to figure out how to move through the former Russian states. It will depend on how easy it is to get access. Possibly Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. Bosnia is also a possibility. After Italy Switzerland will follow and then possibly Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and finally the UK.

I will try and put up an interactive map to follow.


15 thoughts on “Route

  1. sharon

    See you in Turkey :))

  2. margie

    Exciting . Is Carnet only for Egypt? Thought it was if you left SA by car. Happy Planning

    • Hi Margie

      According to the AA website the Carnet is only compulsory for Kenya and Egypt and recommended for a lot of the other African countries.

      Thanks, Les and Steve X

  3. Erica de Kock

    I will see you somewhere along the way next year.
    Planning on going to UK for a visit and then holiday from there, possible with Sharon!
    We can have a family reunion overseas as looks like most of us (except for Linda) will be there 🙂

  4. David White

    Hi guys,

    Look like you have a great trip planned! We are just in the process of planning a similar trip and are trying to understand the best way to get across to turkey with our vehicle, I’d there any chance you could give me abit of advice on this?


    • Hi David. Thanks. We are hoping to take the RORO ferry from Haifa in Israel to Isenkendrun in Turkey. It also goes to Egypt.

      • David White

        Awesome thanks for that, I will investigate! Have a great trip guys

  5. David White

    Hey guys, me again! Hope everything is going well – I have like a thousand questions as trying to organise a trip from CT to London is a huge task! Just wondering what we would need to get our vehicle into Egypt and out again and what the costs look like!? We have read lots but it may well be out of date and you guys are most likely my best bet for a relevant idea as your in the middle of your trip.. Very envious! Travel safe 🙂

    • Hi Dave Thanks for your message. Yes, there is so much admin to organise ….. We have decided that we won’t be driving into Egypt with our vehicle as the AA wants you to put a deposit down of 200% of the value of your vehicle. Call them, they are very helpful. We had to pay R20 000 plus about R3 000 for the Carnet Du Passage to travel through Ethiopia etc. The R20 000 is refunded when you bring the vehicle back to SA at a cost of about R18 000 to ship so you pretty much lose that money. Happy planning. Regards Steve & Lesley On 30 May 2014 10:59, “Cape to Cairo to London” wrote:


  6. David White

    Hi guys, Thanks for your message! I have found there is a ferry that goes from Port Sudan to Saudi but don’t quote me on that as things change quite often.. Its looking like we will drive the first leg up to Nairboi and then join a tour to get through Egypt and into Israel and then continue travels through Europe after that.. Will be watching your travels closely! Travel safe 🙂

  7. Duncan Scrabble Garden

    Getting much closer to Dar now!! We leave Dar on 18 July which is 6 weeks from yesterday but I think you will be here before then?

  8. André Duminiet

    Hi Steve,
    I hope that all is going as planned (apart from the odd flat tyre and corrupt official – as can be expected).
    Take care out there and God bless.

    • Nothing goes as planned. But we have had no flat tyres or corrupt officials yet. Just a broken shock absorber, two broken CV joint boots and I am now on my 3rd set of glow plugs. Otherwise the bakkie is still chugging along. Also a few minor electrical problems.

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